Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Aussie World Ute Show

Damian was invited up to the 2nd annual Aussie World Ute Show, which was organised by Melinda and Kevin Rule, with proceeds to come to Camp Quality (adding to Team Booger Mobile's fundraising total!!)

With Booger Mobile off the road awaiting major work to prepare for 2011, Damian's family came along with him, and Ashleigh (aka Lash - little Ash), a former Camp Quality camper who lives nearby, dropped by to say g'day!  The famous Ettamogah Pub is in the background!!

The crowd took time out from the ute show to watch the traditional Australian dunny races!!  The team on the right won the race - this was the grand final!!

The ute show itself had over 50 entrants - a 50% increase on the first show in 2010.

Damian recognised some of the utes from their visit to the Camp Quality mid-sibs camp in 2009!  The one below isn't necessarily one of them, but made for a funny picture with the driver having a snooze!!

The trophies were all lined up, ready to be presented!

Damian took on microphone duties, announcing the winners, while Jade (left of photo in the Aussie flag shirt - who also organised the ute convoy to the mid-sibs camp mentioned earlier) and Melinda Rule (the organiser of the ute show) handed out prizes to the winners and runners up in each category.

It was a fabulous day, and the 2nd Annual Aussie World Ute Show raised an incredible $796 for Camp Quality!!  This brings Team Booger Mobile's fundraising total for 2011 to $3583!!

Huge thanks go to Melinda and Kevin Rule for the efforts they put in to make the day a success, and of course to Aussie World for providing the awesome venue!!  Damian has been invited back next year, and hopefully will have Booger Mobile on display!!


  1. Amazing effort Melinda and Kevin! Way to go Damo!

    What an amazing lot of utes all lined up and looking fantastic.
    Great venue in Aussie World, especially seeing it was Australia day, well planed.Even better that Damian from Team Booger Mobile was invited, the word has spread how Awesome he is on the mike.
    Those are a real cool looking lot of trophys as well, almost as cool as the one Booger Mobile won last year.
    The race was on to see who had the fastest dunny,I would like to know if there was someone inside sitting for the ride rofl.
    Wow that was an incredible amount raised for Camp Quality,at this rate Team Booger mobile might just make Damian's dream amount from last year of $20,000 come true.
    Many thank to Melinda and Kevin for organizing a really great day.
    Once again you have out done your self Damian, with great pictures and an exciting blog.
    Thank you.