Monday, 24 January 2011

Damage report - let the planning begin!!

Damian headed out in Booger Mobile to do a couple of things... firstly to deliver some thank-you certificates to a couple of sponsors from 2010, and then to visit a couple of places to look at work to prepare for 2011.

First stop was an engineering firm to discuss a more permanent fix to the subframe issue.  While there, it was noted that the repair that Reg had made had begun to crack again, and indeed had separated!!  There was clearly some movement/flex/damage going on there... *sigh*

A couple of stops later, Damian headed to see Barry Mac about the engine/tranmission, and to see if he had any suggestions about fixing the shockie tower.  He had plenty of good suggestions, and Damian will be dropping Booger Mobile back to him in March to get cracking on the work.

Another suggestion is to make a brace to put between the strut towers to assist with strenghening the front end a bit more.  All these things will be investigated in due course...

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

    Well it was to be expected, that although Reg did a fantastic running repair on Boogers subframe ,that it was only a temporary fix,and would be a must to have the repair redone fully.The excellence picture gives everyone an insight into how much damage was done.
    With Barry Mac working on Booger Mobile she will soon be back to the Classical Show car that she is inside and out before you know it.
    Well done as always Damian,thank you.