Monday, 17 January 2011

Preparation time... off with his head!!

With Damian unable to work due to his clients being flood affected, he decided to spend a bit of time preparing Booger Mobile for the work that's required this year.

First up, it was removal of Booger's head...

He looks happy up there... little does he realise that he's about to have a splitting headache!!

Back half removed first...

Followed by the front half...

Damian noticed that there were some clearance issues  with the bolts holding the roof-rack on.

Particularly at the back!! 

He took the opportunity to add a couple of washers on the top side of the bolts to increase the clearance.  While working on Booger's head removal, he also noticed that the roof racks had moved a little during the 2010 esCarpade, scratching off some paint...

Of course, this was nothing compared to the sand-blasting that the door sills received!!  These were previously green and shiny!!

The passenger side didn't fare any better... matter of fact it's probably a little worse!!  Another job to add to the 2011 preparation list...

Next up was the removal of the underbody protection plate.  It looks in great condition, and (thankfully) won't need replacing for 2011!!

With floodwaters receding, Damian will be back to work in the morning, and Booger will be lonely in the shed!!  Not for long though - there's so much to do, and only nine months until the 2011 esCarpade!!

1 comment:

    for a moment there I thought Damian had been playing with his power tools and had chopped of someone or somethings head.
    Thankfully he was only removing the Booger head to start the preparations for the 2011 Camp Quality esCarpade which is only nine months away,and we all know how time flies when your having fun working on the Booger Mobile.
    Looking forward to reading the next exciting up date on the Booger Mobile.
    Thank you Damian.