Saturday, 14 April 2012

Better make sure Booger Mobile is still driveable!!

First things first... with the car show coming up next weekend, Damian figured he had better get Booger Mobile back into a driveable state... first step was to have a couple of tyres puncture repaired...  Sad news on both fronts, however one was salvagable (albeit temporarily) using an inner tube...

This one, however, has had "more hits than Elvis" according to the tyre bloke... and it bulges on the sides...  You can almost see it below where the white mark is...

Once the tyre is inflated, it's more obvious!!  Damian will need to speak to Mr Kumho and see if he can get some more tyres for this year's esCarpade...

Damian's boys were being very helpful, checking the pressure in the tyres...

Good work boys!!

Aidan checked out the engine... yep, it's still there!!

Time to remove some old stickers... these two special ones that Damian's boys made for last year's trip were a bit faded, so they will come off, and the boys can make new ones for this year.

Apply heat to the sticker, not Dad's fingers!!

This sticker spot is also becoming available...  Kerbside Car Sound as you recall provided Booger Mobile's awesome stereo.  Their sticker remained on for two esCarpades.

Aidan demonstrating what a removed sticker looks like!!

He had been kneeling on the Kumho R700 rally tyres, so has his own tread on his leg...

The sticker is gone, but the outline of the letters remain... Damian will have to get the Eucalyptus Oil onto that!!

But first, time to do an oil change... out with the dirty black oil...

One shiny guard after residue removal...

Shiny new K&N oil filter...

You would reckon with all this product placement, like the Valvoline XLD Classic 20W-50 oil that Booger Mobile uses, someone would donate some of this stuff to Team Booger Mobile...

Another two-year sponsor, Aqualogical, are making way for new sponsors in 2012.  Thanks for the support!!


Damian set up the dash-cam (mounted just in below the rear-view mirror) and GPS, ready for a test drive and to fuel up...  This will be (literally) the first time that Booger Mobile has been driven since the 2011 Camp Quality esCarpade!!

Test drive - 30 mins condensed into an 11 min video...  well worth a look if you have time to spare...  no, really...

And safely back in the shed...

Well, Damian has kicked off the preparation work now, and hopefully will be joined by his brother Jason on Sunday for another working bee...  Stay tuned!!


  1. Is that my Hairdryer?

  2. thats so funny great comment

    With the car show on next weekend Damian and his two boys,started checking out the Booger to make sure that its is safe and driveable, ready for the car show.First up was to check the tires and the news was not too good, with the front tires being in a bad way, so hopefully the wonderful people at Kumho tires can spare one or two for the Booger.
    It was also time to remove some of the sticker for some great sponsors for 2010 and 2012.Bit of a sticky problem but it was with great delight Damian and his boy removed them with a little help from Tricia's hairdryer (this was unknown to Tricia lol)
    The video of the Booger Mobile driving to the service station was fantastic and I loved watching all eleven minutes and 33 seconds
    Thank you Damian ,Tricia (for the use of your hairdryer) and you two great sons.
    Looking forward to the next exciting blog on the Mighty Booger Mobile.

    1. Thanks Kaye!! Great to have my number one blog commenter back on board for 2012!!