Saturday, 28 April 2012

Slow and steady - how about an earth for the brake lights?

A rainy Saturday meant being housebound... having watched a DVD with the boys, Damian decided a trip to the shed was in order...  Aidan tried out the driver's seat...

Jordan thought he would be chauffeured around and jumped into the back!!

Damian avoided the water coming in under the shed door and resolved an issue with one of the headlights - after removing and testing the bulb, he discovered it was simply a loose connection... voila, lights fixed!!

Onto the real reason they were in the shed - the running of an additional earth for the left hand tail-light.  Regular blog readers would remember the confusing issue from last year where the brake light worked if the lights were off, and the tail light worked when the lights were on, but the brake light didn't work if the tail lights were on...  Anyway, Damian worked out an additional earth would fix it, but last year there wasn't enough time...

Out with the tail light...

And onto the bench... look at all that dust inside the tail light assembly!!

An earth wire was soldered onto the outside of the tail light portion of the assembly...  Not the world's neatest soldering effort, but not too bad!!

And reassembled...  Works a treat!!

Although it doesn't require one, Damian will probably perform the same update to the driver's side tail light assembly in the near future... might as well keep things even!!

On an unrelated note, the fundraising total for Team Booger Mobile is just below $3000.  If you would like to help the boys reach their $5000 minimum, please click the Donate Now button on the top right of this page!!

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