Friday, 20 April 2012

Wash and polish - time for a car show!!

With the Big Fish 1st Annual Tattoo, Hot Rod and Bike Show on in the morning, Damian decided that Booger Mobile should have a bit of a tidy up.

First up, removal of the front half of Booger's head... it's looking a bit worse for wear after two esCarpades...

Then, out of the shed for a bath - helped by Damian's son Aidan.

Back in the shed, Damian taught Aidan about the magic properties of the chamois!!

Oops...  apparently this sticker wasn't water proof... better remove that!!

Two esCarpades and around 10000 km later, the front grille still looks great!!

Polished up and ready to show!!

Here's the other angle...

The bonnet looks nice and shiny too...  Nice reflections of the fluoro's there!!

If you are in the Brisbane/Caboolture area tomorrow, why not stop by the Big Fish (on Pumicestone Road) to visit Booger Mobile at the car show.  Damian will be there around 9am, open to the public at 11am!!

Be there, or be somewhere else!!

1 comment:

    With the upcoming BIG FISH first annual tattoo,hot rod and bike show approaching it was time to make the Booger Mobile Shine like the show Car it is.So with his son Aidan's help Damian had the Booger looking like new.
    The Boogers head worked a treat over the last two years,but is looking a bit to shabby to go along to the show,sadly so will have to stay at BM HQ this time.
    Well done Damian and Aidan the Booger Mobile will be a real Stand out at the show,good luck and I hope all goes well.