Saturday, 24 August 2013

Wiring tidy-up and a new carby!!

One week out from scrutineering, Damian had arranged for his friend Ash (an auto-electrician) to come around to run some relays for Booger Mobile's headlights (to allow them to get full power - thus being bright enough to actually drive with at night)!!

Ash brought his friend Tim along (also an auto-electrician), who decided to do a bit of a tidy-up of Booger Mobile's wiring (while installing a fuse box under the bonnet).

Tim setting stuff on fire... alright, maybe he was soldering!!

Fuse box partially installed...

Ash's turn to set things on fire!!

Fuse box finished and wiring on the passenger side all neat and tidy - thanks Tim!!

Next cab off the rank - Damian decided to cut his losses on the old carby (which was actually new, reconditioned twice, dyno tuned once, rejetted and still bloody leaked fuel), and bought a reconditioned carby from a different company...

Looks pretty flash!!

Uh oh... in keeping with the tradition of nothing bolting straight in, Damian spotted a potential issue...  The height that this little ding dang sticks up...

See how low it is on the original carby?

Of course, because it stuck up higher, it clashed with the air cleaner...  Typical!!

Damian sought advice, then went with the idea of punching a hole in it...

There you go!!  But what to fill it with?  The bottom view looks neat!!

The top view is a bit ordinary, but it's hidden by the top cover for the air cleaner... winning!!

New carby test sitting in place... the bolts line up!!

All the brackets etc moved from the old carby to the new one, the fuel line installed, accelerator cable reinstalled...  And it started - second go!!  (In fairness, the first go was just to draw the fuel up to the carby, so didn't really count!!)

Voila!!  Just needs the air cleaner reinstalled and it's ready for a test drive... that will have to wait for another day!!

After working on Booger Mobile, it was time for Damian to munch down a Cheese Burger in memory of Julian, a young Camp Quality camper who passed away a couple of years ago, and would have turned 18 today...

Rest in Peace young Jedi... you will never be forgotten.

Scrutineering is less than a week away - things are getting serious now!!  Stay tuned for more blog posts!!

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