Friday, 16 August 2013

Team Booger Mobile gets a special visitor...

With the Brisbane Billycart Championships on this weekend, Damian realised that Booger Mobile was coated in a fine layer of red dust from when he was sanding a piece of red hardwood in the shed...  Rookie mistake!!

After fuelling up, it was time to wash Booger Mobile.

The photo doesn't really show up the red dust all that well, but you can see it on the windscreen a bit.

Tricia took over the photos from here, while Damian washed Booger Mobile.



Back of the car...

Gratuitous butt shot...  Some might say it's payback for the shots that Damian takes of Tricia when she's helping out (see the lying on the front seat photo from the last blog post!!)

Looking clean!!

Damian put Booger Mobile back in the shed, and was making a quick video when a surprise guest arrived!!

Giggle, the Camp Quality mascot!!

Damian with his good mate Giggle!!

Well, Booger Mobile is clean, volunteers are organised and Giggle has arrived to take part in the mascot race at the Brisbane Billycart Championships at the Carindale Recreation Reserve, Cadogan Street Carindale on Sunday.

Come along, say g'day to Damian and the team, check out the billycart action and have an awesome day!!

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