Saturday, 12 October 2013

2013 esCarpade Day 0 - Scrutineering

The 2013 Camp Quality esCarpade had rolled around, and Angus turned up at Team Booger Mobile HQ to commence their trip up to Bundaberg for final scrutineering and the official welcome dinner!

Stopping at Gympie to fuel up, it would seem that Booger Mobile had sprung a leak...

Turns out the filler didn't appreciate not having a clamp on the bottom half of it, even though there had never actually been one on there... go figure!!

Having resolved that (by moving the clamp from the top half down to the bottom half - the boys would grab another clamp in Bundaberg), Angus did a bit of adjusting of the fuel mixture, after Booger Mobile was decidedly thirsty on the way to Gympie!!

Having leap-frogged Car 88 when they stopped for fuel, the boys found themselves with Car 88 in hot pursuit as they sat at the roadworks waiting for the stop/go man to turn his sign around!!

Nearly at the turnoff to Bundaberg...

Down these long roads, past cane farms and macadamia nut trees...

Always time for a selfie when in Booger Mobile!!

Angus was either having a sleep or praying...  since they were still on the bitumen, Damian thinks he was having a quick snooze before hitting Bundy!!

Welcome to Bundaberg, the lonely sign exclaimed!!

You are so welcome here, there's another sign to say so!!

At scrutineering - Booger Mobile passed with flying colours (checking first aid kit, safety gear, spare tyres, lights, indicators etc)

High Rollers having fun as always!! 

Turns out that Nina is in Bundaberg this weekend for a school reunion (Nina helped with the Team Booger Mobile Trivia with a Twist night), and is staying at the hotel across the road from the boys!!

Selfie with Nina!!

And so Damian and Angus settled in for a restful afternoon, before getting ready to head out to the official welcome dinner...

Looks like the new suspension is coping well so far...

Ah, the Civic Centre...  Apparently the boys arrived too early, and were told to go sit on a park bench!!

Hanging out with Jon and Ang on the park bench!!

The crowd grew, and continued to hang around in the park...

Even Kylie and Deano, the Camp Quality puppets, made an appearance!!

Finally - time for the compulsory driver briefing!!

After the briefing, it was time to go to and watch the band 4 Play, while waiting (and having) dinner...

Damian and Angus having a selfie while Simon Rountree (the boss of Camp Quality) was talking...

Isis doing her brother Joshua's nails...

She convinced Angus to have a pinkie done!!

Of course, there was no doubt that Damian would end up with green nails!!

Johnny stopped by for a chat...

And the lead singer stopped by for a selfie also!!

A good night was had by all, then it was time to get some well earned rest ready for a big day of driving in the morning!!

Stay tuned for Day 1 - Bundaberg - Hivesville - Dalby!!


  1. Looks like it going to be a fun filled amazing adventure,for all the car in the Camp Quality 2013 esCarpade,but of course the Booger Mobile is the best car there along with the Awesome duo of Damian and Angus aka" TEAM BOOGER MOBILE " Safe travels :)

  2. Angus one green come on get with the programme and paint them all green. lol...Safe and happy travels.