Friday, 4 October 2013

One week to go... time for some fiddly bits!!

With the Camp Quality esCarpade for 2013 just one week away, it was time for Damian to get cracking on some of the final fiddly bits of preparation...

Like cleaning and oiling his K&N air cleaner element...  Here's the before pic...

While waiting for the cleaning fluid to do its magic, it was time to apply another sticker!!

Element washed out and put on the roof to dry...

Wet it down... hmmm... it seems dirtier than before it was started!!  Looks like a whole bunch of ants or other little insects had made a home in the water...

Cleaned off, and one half of the sticker applied...

Tada!!  The Caloundra City 4WD Club (that Damian is a member of) kindly donated $500 to Camp Quality, presenting the cheque to Damian at the monthly meeting on Tuesday night!!

A nice new 2013 esCarpade sticker for posterity!!

And the element with its nice coat of oil (note the pinkish tinge).

Checking that Booger's head still fits with the ears on it, and making sure mounting bolts etc are ready.

In addition to this, Damian also greased where appropriate, checked fluid levels, added some oil to the diff and removed the base of the back seat ready for soft luggage (clothes etc).

The scrutineering checklist was ticked off (and the additional list of items sent through by the esCarpade team during the week), and the various bits and pieces were all stacked in an orderly fashion in Damian's newly cleaned shed.

One last thing...  it would appear that all going well, the fundraising target of $10000 will be met!!  If you would like to push it even further, click that yellow Donate Now button on the right and make a donation - you can also leave a message of support for Team Booger Mobile!!

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