Friday, 11 October 2013

2013 esCarpade Day -1 - Packing

One more sleep until the 2013 Camp Quality esCarpade... time to roll Booger Mobile out of the shed and attach Booger's head...

And pack the boot!!

The fuel stashing space inside Booger's head looks lonely...

Fuel container filled, locked and loaded!!  Funnily enough, it was about a 50km round trip for Damian to locate a BP that actually had any fuel available... he went to three different BP's before finally finding some...  And the BP Ultimate flowed so slowly it took about 5 mins to fill the container - and it wasn't even empty!!

And the back half of the head attached...

Looking the goods!!

And with pretty lights...

Damian took the opportunity to practice his snot-skills...

Dance little booger, dance!!

In the morning, Damian, along with his co-driver Angus, will head off to Bundaberg for the 2013 Camp Quality esCarpade.

Team Booger Mobile's fundraising total this year has reached over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

There's still time to make a donation if you haven't already - just click the Donate Now button up on the top right hand side of the blog to head over to the Camp Quality secure donation page for Team Booger Mobile!!

Stay tuned... the fun is just beginning!!

1 comment:

  1. WOW how quickly time has gone by I can t believe it is already time for BOOGER MOBILE along with TEAM BOOGER MOBILE head off to the start of the Camp Quality 2013 esCarpade.
    Have a great adventure Damian and Angus,and Booger you do what you do best and travel safe far and wide across the country side.
    As always doing it for the kids.