Saturday, 27 June 2009

External Primer is ON!!

Saturday marked the first day of a two-day Booger Mobile marathon! Scottie came down in the morning, with the plan that two solid days (and nights too if necessary) would be spent getting Booger Mobile to primer stage.

Damian started under the bonnet, keeping out of Scottie's way. First he removed the engine mounts, strut turrets and cross member,

then used the scary wire-brush angle grinder to clean surfaces ready for sanding.

Meanwhile, Scottie was busily preparing the bodywork for priming. Note how many highs and lows there were on the passenger side!!

After removing various bits, Damian sanded the engine bay and applied the matt black paint on the lower portion.

The unpainted part is going to be the same colour as the rest of Booger Mobile. Looks quite good so far, doesn't it?

While Scottie continued sanding, scraping, bogging, hammering, sanding, cursing, Damian cleaned and painted up the removed bits.

He also took the liberty of removing the bonnet latches and sanding the underside of the bonnet ready for priming.

Poor Scottie continued to work on the passenger side - clear evidence of an accident from many moons ago - and this caused much additional work as the different paint chipped rather than allowing a nice smooth edge to be blended in.

At last it was time to get the external primer happening. (Note the darkness outside, and the particles floating through the photo like snowflakes!) Booger Mobile was taped up to protect the windscreens and the chrome trim,

then Scottie got to work applying the primer.

Looking good!! (Ran out of paint and had to refill at this point!)

Still going...

Covering up the leopard-like pattern on the passenger side!

Two coats of primer and this is what Booger Mobile looked like!

Driver's side.

Passenger side.

Look at those beautiful straight panels and clean lines!! On Sunday, the plan is to get the guide coat on and the outside of Booger Mobile wet-rubbed ready for painting, then the doors, bonnet and bootlid can be removed for the internal priming to be done!
Still a lot to get done this weekend! Tune in tomorrow night for the next exciting chapter!!

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