Sunday, 28 June 2009

Rubbed back (well, almost!)

Following the mammoth effort on Saturday, Damian woke to find Scottie missing from the guest room, and strange noises coming from the shed. He went up to the shed to find that somehow, Booger Mobile had acquired a severe case of what looked to be the MEASLES!!

Turned out Scottie had woken early and decided to go check Booger Mobile out, and being unhappy with the surface, began to spot-putty the defects (being such a perfectionist, noone else would have seen them, but nothing but the best will do for Booger Mobile!!) After sanding back and throwing on another coat of primer, BM looked good as new!

After laying back on the guide coat,

the tape and paper was removed to reveal Booger Mobile in all its glory ready to be wet-rubbed back!!

Using Scottie's winch to extract Booger Mobile from the shed, Damian found several hoses to join together to provide water, and Scott began the onerous task of hand-rubbing the primer.

This is the type of top-quality work that Scott performs! Shiny isn't it!! (To quote an ad that was on TV many years ago - so shmooooooooth, so grossy!!

If you look closely in the following shot, you can see that one half of the bonnet has been wet-rubbed, and the other half hasn't... can you pick it? (If you really aren't sure, here's a tip - go get your eyes tested!!)

Lacking the necessary skill to wet-rub a car to Scottie's exacting standard, Damian made himself busy preparing some of the other bits and pieces lying around. This is the "super pursuit" badge that goes on the front guard - the boys though it would be nice if it had some green in it!

Meanwhile, Scott kept rubbing...

While Damian brushed up his taping skills...

Then threw on the first of a gazillion coats of green paint!

Here's the finished product for the Super Pursuit badge...

And the wet-rubbing continued...

As did the taping and cutting (usually Damian isn't allowed to play with sharp knives, due to the tendency for him to cut himself, however he managed it with all fingers, toes and limbs intact!)

And the green paint begins...

Meanwhile, word had spread far and wide about Scottie's wet-rubbing ability, and a small crowd of onlookers gathered, watching in awe!

The following shot offers a true "reflection" of Scottie's wet-rubbing ability!

Which clearly pales into insignificance beside Damian's magnificent horn!!

The wet-rubbing was almost completed...

but sadly the boys ran out of time to get it all done, so the Booger Mobile was pushed back into the shed... (Gee it's a lot lighter without the engine and gearbox!!)

Here's a sample of Damian's painting ability (which explains why Scottie has been painting the car!!)

However this one turned out sweet!!

Another massive effort from the boys saw the wet-rubbing almost completed (externally), several fiddly jobs completed (such as the chrome inlays etc being greenified, the donated towbar assembly being painted etc), and several people very impressed with Scottie's car preparation abilities!
This week sees Damian heading to Camp Quality senior camp in Brisbane, so there will be no further blog updates until next weekend, and Scottie hoping for his bleeding fingers to recover in time to do more wet-rubbing next weekend!
Let's keep those donations rolling in, and if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Team Booger Mobile via the link to the right.
Have a great week everyone, and remember, it's for the kids!!


  1. Was quite a productive day for you guys and it was interesting to see a little of what has gone into getting the Boogermobile ready for his maiden voyage.

  2. WOW love that wet rubbing have never seen let alone heard of it before.Looks really great and even i can see the difference on the bonnet you ed have to be blind not too.Love the reflection note Damian and your painting abilitys are improving, but if i was you i ed leave the main painting to Scottie. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. Rubbed it till my fingers bled, was the winter of 2009,.. Arrr but when I look back now,..some said it would take forever.

    Mmmm reminds me of a song ???