Monday, 1 June 2009

Quick visit from Scottie...

Turns out Scottie got a bit lonely not visiting on the weekend, and he pined to do some more work on Booger Mobile. He had to come down this way to do some training, so decided to stop in to do an hour or so of work before heading back home to pick up his daughter from school.

What to do, what to do... It was decided to prepare the engine for removal by taking all the sundry bits off the outside (carby, fan, dizzy etc).
Once this was done,

there was still a little time left, so Scottie and Damian removed the instrument panel from the dashboard, remembering to label all the wires beforehand!

Scottie headed home to collect his daughter from school, taking Damian's trailer with him, so that Booger's head can be brought down to the shed...
Tune in shortly for the next exciting episode of Booger Mobile progress!!

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