Sunday, 21 June 2009

Primer prime-time!!

Scottie arrived a little later than usual to get to work on Booger Mobile, having stopped along the way to collect a towbar that was kindly donated by Sean (a member of the Australian Ford Forums).

While Scottie got started on the bodywork, Damian finished off the display stand.

Shortly after that, the boys had a visitor - a friend of Damian's who in a previous life was an engine reconditioner stopped by to give the official verdict on the engine block. Turns out it can be saved, so there'll be more about that in a later blog!

Meanwhile, Scottie was creating a dust-storm,

so Damian sought refuge with Scottie's air-powered sanding tool. (Note the funny angle - photo was taken using the camera balancing on a tin of spray paint using the auto timer!)

Of course, immediately after this photo was taken, the end of the sander spun off into the never never and the tool wouldn't work, so Damian had to pull it apart and found that a grub screw inside had come loose and was jamming it. After sorting that out (much to Scottie's surprise and happiness), and quite a bit of time later, this is what the granny visor looked like!!

Scottie continued sanding, bogging, resanding, and giving Damian menial tasks to perform...

In a moment of artistic genius, Damian decided to grafitti in the bog dust...

Shortly after this, it was time to clean Booger Mobile down with PrepSol and tape it up, ready to lay on some primer!

All taped up ready to go!

Scottie mixed up the primer and poured it into his spray-gun. Note the gumby left handed tipping - I suggest making a pourer on the other side of the pot!!

As stated in a previous blog, Scottie is a gun spray-painter from way back, so Damian stood back and watched the master in action!!

Don't forget the granny visor!!

And here's the undercoat completed on the roof, bonnet and top of the front guards!

Of course, the nice clean, pretty yellow undercoat didn't last long... Scottie laid on the black guide coat so that the tape and paper could be removed, ready for rubbing back next week.

And the granny visor... looks like it's ready for a good rubbing as well!!

And there it is!! Primer and guide coat ready to rub back...

With just four short weeks till the grand unveiling, the work is ramping up quickly! Stay tuned for the next exciting update!!
Last but certainly not least, thanks to all the generous people who have donated so far...

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