Thursday, 23 August 2012

More safety lights...

Tonight's blog post is brought to you by Wadnot Joinery.  No particular reason.

Damian had been out and purchased some new green LED park lights for inside the front headlights.  After replacing the broken one on the driver's side, it was obvious that the new bulbs were fantastically better than the old one...

So Damian replaced the passenger side one also!!

Next step, the addition of some new rear-facing white LED lights to supplement the existing ones.  There are two new white LED lights (the two larger ones towards the middle) and two new amber lights (the two larger ones towards each edge).  The amber ones had been previously wired in.

Pretty!!  Those new white lights are certainly bright!!

Next up, the addition of some new amber LED's on the front.

Voila!!  Gee the internet sure speeds up the installation of things!!

And that's what they look like all lit up...

Tonight marks seven weeks until esCarpade starts for 2012 (well, this time in seven weeks Damian will be in Newcastle with Booger Mobile, and hopefully Jason, ready for scrutineering and paperwork on Friday).

There will likely be a number of small blog posts over the coming weeks as things get sorted out, so stay tuned!!

1 comment:

    Green yellow and White the Booger Mobile will be a guiding light being ever so bright with all those lights that Damian has installed.
    Great Pictures as always,showing us all the hard work that Damian is putting into the Booger Mobile,so all will be complete before the Camp Quality esCarpade in seven weeks.
    Well done Damian another day ends with a shining bright lights.