Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Reinstall and Measure...

Tonight's blog post is brought to you by Team Booger Mobile's number one blog reader and commenter, as well as Silver Sponsor Special K from WA!!  (Welcome Kaye, we know you are reading and smiling right now!!)

First job, take the newly pressed in idler arm bush (shown here beside the old one, and with it's crusher tube hanging out), and install it.


Next up, an artists impression of how the cross-engine brace might look (minus the bit of wood) if the boys get enough time to actually make it up.  Shown either side is also the new strut towers... pretty eh?

Time to sort out a blown bulb - one of the green LED's!!  Unfortunately, the ENTIRE LIGHT ASSEMBLY needs to be pulled apart to replace it... lolsigh...

Still so much to do, and time is running out.  The esCarpade is now only 7 and a bit weeks away... PANIC!!!!

Damian also took the liberty of measuring the front coil springs so he knows how much taller the new springs need to be to get the required lift...  There are no pictures of this, as Tricia's camera battery went flat, and Damian's camera is back in the shop for repairs a third time... *facepalm*

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    Well its a great pleasure to read and comment about the progress of the Mighty Booger Mobile and the Awesome Damian and his even more AWESOME family who are always ready to lend him a hand, when they can all for the fantastic cause "Camp Quality".