Saturday, 21 September 2013

Booger's new head takes shape... and some new LED lights!!

So Booger's new head is taking shape, and with some paper eyes added to check positioning and size, astute blog readers might just have worked out what the new head is going to be!!

Time to stop it from being undercoat grey!!


And the front is done... just need to sort out the nose...

Wow... that's a pink nose!!

While waiting for the paint to dry, Damian finally worked out the best place to put the LED lights that were kindly donated by Peter Poulos from Cosmo Lighting at Baulkham Hills...

And with the paper eyes back on to see how it might look...

Of course, the final fundraising event for 2013 for Team Booger Mobile is the 2nd Annual Team Booger Mobile Skating Fundraiser at Sk8mania North Lakes...  Time for Damian to get some tickets sorted for the "lucky squares" draw...

Less than three weeks till esCarpade, and things are finally starting to come together...  Damian might even get time to stop and relax for a few minutes!!

Hardly.  ;-)

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