Saturday, 14 September 2013

Four weeks till esCarpade... one day till Corvettes on the Coast!!

With the Corvettes on the Coast event (at which Booger Mobile is special guest) on Sunday, Damian figured it was time to give Booger Mobile a quick bath to wash the dust off from the esCarpade Experience.

There you go... marginally shinier!!

Next cab off the rank was the installation of the two rear facing green strobe lights... Damian had initially contemplated mounting them at bumper bar height, but didn't want to drill the bumper, and it was awkward trying to sort out a bracket type scenario...

Then he had a brainwave...  With the removal of a couple of stickers, the lights could sit on the rear parcel shelf!!

Mounting blocks so the light clears the windscreen surround...

Painted grey to match the parcel shelf!!

One sticker removed, the light isn't too bad...

Sadly, the sticker in the way on the passenger side is the 2010 esCarpade sticker... 

Damian managed to peel it off carefully, and has stuck it to the front of his folder for safekeeping!!

Passenger side light...

Yep, it works too!!

The lights would look so much better if there were no stickers in the way at all...

Good bye www. and .com!!

Nice!!  Damian even stumbled into accuracy to get them to flash opposite to the amber lights!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog - Damian will be heading to the Corvettes on the Coast car show at the Southport Parklands.  If you are in the area, stop by and say g'day!!


  1. Well done Damian,you have outdone yourself making BOOGER MOBILE look like the stunning Show car she is.
    Hope all goes well tomorrow have fun and of course take heaps of picture. (as if you wouldn' t be anyhow lol