Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Strut tower brace - Part 2

Damian borrowed a gas axe from his brother (an oxy-acetylene torch to heat and cut metal) and arranged for Angus to come around to lend a hand.

First up, the driver's side brace was removed.

After some demonstration of the gap to be closed, Angus set to work adjusting the top part of the brace.



After the top part and the bottom part of the brace were adjusted, they lined up beautifully on the passenger side!!

Unfortunately, it didn't line up on the driver's side at the same time, so the three piece brace was cut again to make four pieces!!  (Note the gap at the top of the picture.)

Using tek screws (yes esCarpade scrutineers, the boys know these aren't permitted for the event!!), the four pieces were held together in the correct location...

Driver's side lines up beautifully now...

As does the passenger side!!

Of course, Booger Mobile isn't driveable without the strut tower braces attached, so Angus took the pieces away with him, to return with two welded up braces!!

Things were starting to look up again.

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