Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Strut tower brace - Part 3

Angus returned with the two arms for the strut tower brace freshly welded (and painted a fetching maroon/brown colour over the welded area).

And would you believe, they actually still fit!!  (Sometimes welding can warp metal a little.)

Off with the bonnet so that holes can be drilled...

After drilling the first hole, Damian told Angus that the seam they were attaching the top part of the brace to was almost 10mm thick!!  Angus couldn't believe it, but had a look, and sure enough it was pretty darn thick back there...

Damian felt better about having a bolt-on strut tower brace after seeing how thick the area was - it's far stronger than the original welded brace was!!

Still a gap up the top though...  Once these are bolted on, Booger Mobile will be driveable again, and Damian will be able to take it to Angus' workshop to have the two halves reconnected!!

Bonnet back on...

Beautiful!!  Fits like a bought one!!

So, with Booger Mobile now driveable again, the next step is to head to Angus' workshop to reconnect the two halves...  also, Damian is going to source a piece of steam pipe (extruded metal pipe that is much stronger than regular water pipe) to make a cross brace for added esCarpade structural support!!

Stay tuned for the exciting finale!!

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