Friday, 10 April 2015

Wiring Tidy Up aka the wiring doesn't reach the new strobe mount positions!!

Another day, another blog post...

Regular blog readers will remember that the new strobe mounting positions mean that the wires don't quite reach any longer...  Damian unwrapped the wires all the way back to the firewall and brought through some spare wire from under the dash (that's why you don't cut wires off at just the right length, kids)!!

Time to rewrap...  how long will this take?

Through the magic of the interwebs, not very long at all!!  In reality, quite a while!!

Nice and neat...

Damian took Booger Mobile for a trip to the shops and back, then left it idling in the shed...  The temperature stayed around 90 while idling for about 10 minutes!!

Next up, Damian figured he would see how close to fitting the new strut tower brace he bought was...

Hmmm... too long, and too wide!!

Fits nicely at the tower...

Doesn't fit on the other tower...  Yet!!

That will be a blog post all on its own...  Damian will make it fit, then perhaps get Angus to do some welding magic!!

Booger Mobile's wheels were looking a little tired after 5 years - maybe a touch-up would be nice!!

First a nice grey undercoat...

While the undercoat dried, time to throw a top coat on the roof pod!!

Whoa!!  That's better!!  Neon green FTW!!

And some neon green on the wheel too...  looks awesome!!

So that will be Damian's next job - repainting the six wheels (four on the car and two spares as per esCarpade requirements), and putting another coat or two on the roof pod...

Then installing the amber rotator, maybe some lights, perhaps some other stuff... who knows?

Stay tuned, groovers!!


  1. Well done Damian :)
    Booger Mobile is looking Awesome.
    Keep up the great work
    As always doing it for the kids

    1. Thanks Kaye!! Great to have you back onboard, and able to leave comments!!