Thursday, 16 June 2011

A day of arrivals...

Well, what an exciting day Thursday has turned out to be!!  Damian received some stuff in the PO Box, at his home address, and by courier!!

First up - a pair of bright green beanies!!  (Damian has promised a cartwheel picture wearing one, but not tonight!!)

The mother of one of Damian's friends knitted these and sent them through...  how cool are they!!

Damian also received one brand spanking new electronic distributor... hopefully this will solve the engine timing woes...

And the 2011 official door stickers arrived... however, since Damian really likes the door stickers that are already on Booger Mobile, these are going to be used elsewhere!!

Damian also spoke to Dave tonight to get the low-down on how the head is coming along.  Turns out, the head was cracked...  in multiple places, and much worse than first thought...  It was touch and go whether it could be salvaged or not, but Dave is confident that after many hours of work on it, it will be alright...

Here's a picture of the machine that decks the head...  basically ensures that it's straight and smooth on the face that gets clamped onto the block of the engine!

Dave also advised that the extractors should be ready by Friday, with the head going back together then also. 

Time's running out to get Booger Mobile on the road in time for scrutineering on Sunday...  will it be ready in time?  Only time will tell!!

The current plan (assuming no further dramas with the head, and that the heat-proofed extractors come back in time) is to get the engine back together on Saturday morning...  Stay tuned!!


    It will be all go go go at Booger Mobile HQ this weekend.With the much needed distributor finally arriving as well as a couple of snazzy beanies and the offical Camp Quality esCaparde door stickers.
    Dave has been busy sorting out the cracks in the engine head with a whole lot of luck it and the extractors will be ready by friday
    If everything goes to plan the Booger Mobile will be up and running for Sundays scutineering.
    Will Booger be ready?will Booger pass the scrutineering.?
    It will be one hectic weekend for Team Booger Mobile.
    Good luck Damian Jason and everyone who will be helping to make sure that the Booger Mobile is ready.
    Doing it for the kids.

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