Friday, 10 June 2011

Parts Run Around...

Damian was meant to be working in the city today, but his client postponed the work, so he had the day to run around attempting to sort out all the bits and pieces ready for Booger Mobile to go back together...

First up was getting a flange welded onto the extractors, and the matching one (with gasket) to weld to the remaining pipe underneath Booger Mobile.

In his travels, he also bought a brand new radiator... he was going to get to the bottom of the overheating issues if it was the last thing he ever did!!

Later in the day, Damian dropped the extractors off to Dave and collected the plastic fan that regular blog readers would recognise from Damian's custom trimming last year...

Dave had put it on his large, flat sander at his work, thereby smoothing it out slightly...  He did mention that Damian had done a pretty good job at getting it flat with the angle grinder and concrete, so that was a bonus!!

Damian also visited a ridiculous number of places attempting to locate either a new or reconditioned distributor, or a person who could actually recondition his existing distributor in a reasonable timeframe, and was met with blank stares, misinformation, try him, try him, try him type situations, and general sadness.

Damian found a helpful person along the way who provided some useful information and another lead for Damian to follow up, however, Damian thought that perhaps locating a new distributor online would be the way to fly.  He has located a few, and will get Dave's opinion on them in the coming days then purchase one...  hopefully!!

Dave just rang with some good news...  if by good news he actually means not so flash...  the head actually has a crack in the inlet manifold - that wasn't there a week ago...  It just keeps getting better and better... 

1 comment:

    Theres nothing better than going a shopping spree at the auto shops,as long as you find what you need,and it looks like Damian cheered himself up a little with the purchase of a brand new radiatorfor the Booger Mobile,hopefully Boogers overheating problem will be resolved now.Damian also found the perfect flange with a gasket, that has to be welded onto the extractors.But he was unable to find the much needed distributor, will Damian be able to find one on line,we will have to wait until the next exciting blog to find out.
    Well things couldn t get any worse surely with the call from Dave to say that there is a crack in the head that wasn t there before,will Dave be able to repair it, lets hope so.
    Booger Mobile needs to be back on the road again ASAP with the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade looming ever closer.