Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Oh no, not again... Damian is sad.

Damian headed up to the shed to check out the source of the puffing-billy sound effect that Booger Mobile's engine was making... everyone hoped it was going to be the extractors leaking at the gasket or something equally benign...

There were now two sources of noise... one here, around cylinder 1....

And one here, around cylinder 5.

Having tried in vain to see whether the extractor gasket was leaking, Damian decided that a compression test was in order...  at that point, he became very sad, and phoned Dave.

Dave agreed that it sounded as though the head gasket was blown - possibly from a combination of running hot, and the pinging and misfiring due to the distributor problem...  This means the head needs to be removed, the engine inspected, and a new head gasket put on (and the head probably zing-zanged on a machine to ensure it's clean and happy still).

Damian jacked up the car and set to work removing extraneous items...

First up, the extractors...

Tricia brought Damian a hot chocolate, and proceeded to take some action shots...

It's a tight squeeze getting those extractor bolts out!!

Damian removed the extractors, the carby, and various other hoses etc...  Dave will be attending on Thursday evening to remove the head...

Since the extractors have been unbolted (again), Damian is considering cutting them off and having a flange welded on to make the removal of the engine and related bits and pieces easier in the future.

While the car was jacked up, Damian checked the wheel bearings, discovering that the driver's side ones were in poor condition - no surpise, as this is the side that lost it's wheel bearing dust cover on last year's esCarpade, so it's probably full of mud!!

Stay tuned...  surely there'll be some happy news one day?


  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I hope to see more in the future.

    Once again Damian has headed down to the shed,this time it is to see if he can work out what is going on with the Booger Mobile.
    Could it be the Extractors leaking at the gasket or something else,after checking out the extractors and a few other places where the noises were coming from,sadly Damian wasn t able to find the main problem and decided that it was time to give Dave a call to get him to come and have a look at Booger,hoping that it only a simple thing to fix.
    Only time will tell, Damian has put his heart and sole into the Booger Mobile, so I m sure that things will start to go his way very soon.
    Looking forward to nothing but good news about the Booger condition,if its not all good then you will just have to solider on and get the job done,we are all behind you hoping that all goes well on thursday night when Dave checks the BM out.
    Great Pictures as always Damian.
    I am looking forward to the next exciting blog hoping that its all good news.