Saturday, 4 June 2011

First drive since the rebuild!!

Saturday... what a day!!  Time to put some kilometres on Booger Mobile's clock to run-in the newly rebuilt engine!!

First task - check that the bell-housing bolts have all been tightened up...

Yes, these awkward to reach bolts!!

No, of course not...  Damian attends to that first, while his boys settle in to a bit of light reading in the background!  (All books are nicer to read lying on an under-car crawly thing!!)

Bolts on bell housing - check!!  Time to put the bonnet on.  Tricia ably assisted with the bonnet, and of course, since they were both holding the bonnet, there are no progress photos... but here's the bonnet back in its rightful place!!

Time to wash the months of dust, sap and bird crap away... looks so much nicer shiny, doesn't it?

The passenger side is shiny...

So is the back...

And looking down from the back corner...

Driver's side is shiny too!!

The front chrome is sparkling!!

And looking down from the front corner is shiny also!

Time to go!!  Damian loaded up the family, headed to the local servo to fill up, then down the road.  Booger Mobile started to make a hideous ticking noise - Damian thought it was coming from the transmission.  Time to head back home!!

By the time Damian reached the front gate, the temp gauge was reading 115C... clearly not ideal...  Deja vu all over again!!  (Regular blog readers would recognise an almost identical photo from August 2010.)

As Booger Mobile continued to throw a hissy-fit, spewing water out all over the place, Damian decided it was time to call Dave!!

Dave arrived, and figured it was time to check the thermostat.

The old thermostat (which had been tested before being put back in) had mysteriously died.  A trip to the auto store got a new one... which didn't work out of the packet.  A second trip to the auto store to swap that one over and finally Damian and Dave had a working thermostat.

The thermostat was back in, and Damian took Dave for a drive to hear the horrible sound Booger Mobile was making.  Dave correctly identified that it was an engine timing issue, and after many stops and starts on the street trying to rectify it, Booger Mobile was back in Damian's shed.  What a temperamental car Booger Mobile is!!

You can tell it left the shed, as it's now back in the opposite way!!

But still looking shiny as ever...

Is it fixed?  Will Booger Mobile ever be reliable?  Is Damian a blubbering mess rocking back and forth in the corner??? 

The answer to these questions will be in tomorrow's exciting blog...

1 comment:

    With a complete check that everything is tighten up and with everything ticked off it time to make the Booger shine like the show car she , is before piling all the family into Booger for a trip to the petrol station and then to clock up a few miles to run in the engine.But this is the Booger Mobile and nothing ever seems to go that smoothly.
    The Booger Mobile engine started to over head and make the most horrible noise,so it was straight home Damian and Family headed,so Damian could ring Dave ,who was quickly on the scean,to check out the problem,and low and behold he found that the thermostat had up and died, so had to be replaced with a new one.There was also the horrible noise to sort out as well,on checking Dave found the timing to be out so the on going saga of the Booger Mobile continues.
    Will Booger Mobile ever be ready or will we find Damian rocking back and forth in the corner saying why why why.
    Lets hope not surely thing can only get better from now on.
    Excellence pictures telling the sad story of the "SAGA OF THE BOOGER MOBILE"