Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Booger Mobile is DRIVEABLE!!

As is traditional (since Facebook has ceased allowing the selection of a photo when posting a link, but rather picks up the first image it comes across), Damian starts the blog with a photo of Booger Mobile.

Tonight's task was to rectify the situation with the transmission linkage that had come adrift...  Having checked it all out, Damian found that with a few simple to reach screws, the centre part of the gear-shifter could be removed...

This exposed the portion that needed the metal pin/nut combination to be pressed into the inserted bush (bottom of picture).

Amazing how easy it is to press in a pin when you have room to swing a pair of multigrips!!

Time for some blue goop to seal it back in place...

Then to climb under the car and reach up between the tunnel and the rest of the stuff to connect the linkage to the bolt and tighten the nut.  Unfortunately, there are a heap of sharp bits under there, as Damian discovered!!

He knows the rules... if it bleeds, it's on the blog!!

Time to test the gear-shifter.  Yes, it moves beautifully, but is it working correctly?  Switching on the ignition (after reconnecting the freshly charged battery) and Damian found that when he put it in reverse, the reverse lights weren't on, but when it was put in park, they were...  Turns out the linkage had to be clicked one notch further backwards before tightening the nut!!  Back under the car went Damian, rectifying the situation.

Afterwards, it was time to reinstall the console... and through the magic of the interwebs voila!!  The console is reinstalled.

Finishing off with another gratuitous shot of the engine bay... this time showing off the Kerbside Car Sound sticker...  That impressive stereo is still in there!!

Short and sweet blog tonight, unlike Damian, who is tall.  :-D

1 comment:

    Because Damian's so tall he has very long arms,that are able to easlie reach into the hard to reach problem with the transmission linkage.
    But as always with the Booger Mobile things don t seem to go to plan and Damian had to get under Booger to solve the problem at hand,and oh no he has cut his hand.Great pictures as always thank you Damian.
    Well all in all an excellence job at achiving what seems a impossible task