Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Booger Mobile - back in Booger Mobile HQ!!

After six weeks, Damian went to collect Booger Mobile from Barry Mac's, only to find that Barry Mac had been unable to get any work at all done to Booger Mobile...  To say that Damian was disappointed is the understatement of the decade, but sometimes things just can't be helped.

Sadly since the boys needed it to be on the road in a few weeks time, Damian grabbed it back from Barry Mac and took it back to Booger Mobile HQ (aka Damian's shed).  The boys would now have to pull the engine and organise the rebuild themselves... 

First, the bonnet came off...

Jason came around to check out how the engine was shoe-horned into Booger Mobile and plan the best way to get it back out again...

Finally having Booger Mobile back, the boys could also check out the custom strut-towers.... they line up perfectly!!

While inspections were taking place, Damian mentioned to Jason that the carby had no idle adjustment...  A snappy bit of angle iron would sort that out!!

Before heading home, Jason helped Damian fix his dodgy roller door that had decided to jam itself up against the mounting bracket, and measure and plan the work benches that will be built after the engine is out of Booger Mobile and before it's back in!!

The plan is to have Booger Mobile on the road again well before the end of May, so it may indeed be a tight squeeze...

Stay tuned!!


  1. BEAUTY 1976XB4 May 2011 at 09:58

    it seems Booger-Mobile has claimed rights to my "Theme Song"
    .....♫♪♫ On the Road Again ♫♪♫ .....

    After a very long six weeks Booger Mobile is finally back home, but alas Barry Mac wasn't able to find the time to work on the Booger.(Oh well even tho Damian was very disappointed, he did get a lot of much needed things finished around his place,while there's was no BM to work on "Sweet")
    With no time to waste Damian took Booger Mobile back to BM/HQ so that he and Jason to get thing moving,as the Booger Mobile needs to be back on the road again within the next few weeks.
    So off with the bonnet as the head is already off (ha ha)
    Another masterpiece has been made for the Booger Mobile in the form of the custom Strut-Towers,which line up perfect of course.
    Sounds like a great plan to get some work benches built, then maybe supervisor Tonka won 't be running off with any nuts an bolt etc etc.
    Well Done Damian and Jason,I look forward to the next exciting blog, hopefully full of good news about the Booger Mobile.
    Doing it for the kids.

  3. PS.
    Great pictures as always,and won't it be great when the work benches are finished you will have room to move around in the shed rofl