Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Clean that shed!!

Since the new workbenches and shelves have been installed, it seems like it's time to clean up Team Booger Mobile HQ, aka Damian's shed.

The mighty number 64...  must get Damian to change the 2010 to 2011 at some stage!!

And after a couple of hours of cleaning, here's how it looks.  Apologies for the snowing effect - it's probably all the dust in the air from sweeping the floor!!

One half is finished...  Well, a third...  Booger Mobile is in the middle third, and the final third will be attacked in the coming days!!

That's it for tonight... short and sweet!

1 comment:

    What difference the new shelving and benches make to Booger Mobile HQ.With a place for everything and everything now in its place,making it easier to sweep,and also to work on the BM.
    Well done Damian would have been a lot of hard work clearing and cleaning, but all worth doing.