Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gentlemen - start your engine!!

Damian received a call from Jason advising that the carby was ready and collected, so it was time to put it all together and see how it goes!!

First up, a gratuitous shot of Booger Mobile - note it's from the passenger side (Christian, this note is for you!).

First up, Damian has to install the radiator...

Jordan decided to give him a hand to flush it out... he looks stoked to be making a guest appearance on the blog!!

This is the space the radiator has to fit into...  It came out of there, so it must go back in!!

In it goes!!

And Jordan took an action shot of Damian (aka Daddy) tightening up hose clamps...

Voila!!  Is installed!!

Later, Jason and Dave arrived, bringing with them the shiny newly reconditioned carby!!

They wasted no time getting it installed...

Dave thought that making Booger Mobile have direct injection would be a good option...  Damian suggested the regular location for the fuel hose might give better performance!!

Jason set to work attaching the idle screw adjustment plate to the custom arm (for the accelerator cable).

More power!!

And of course, before touching it, it's a good idea to cool it down!!

Carby installed, time to wind the engine over to fill the fuel bowl (part of the carby)...  Damian goes to put the transmission into Park, only to discover it's flopping around like a spoon in a bowl of porridge... one of the linkages had somehow become disconnected!!

Removing the console, sadly it wasn't just there... 

Jason made some more adjustments to the bracket...

While Damian and Dave located the linkage... but how the heck would they get it fixed???

Short answer - they wouldn't, for now...  The transmission was manually locked into Park, and the linkage will ge reattached through the tunnel (which requires removing of the front carpet - of course).  This will happen in the near future...

Jason searched high and low for his freshly painted bracket... only to find it hanging in the doorway of the shed where he had left it!!

The bracket was installed, while Dave had another turn at battling with the linkage... still no luck!!

And, time to start the engine!!

Below is a video compilation of getting the engine started!!  Be sure to watch for 2:28 or so for a little surprise for Dave!!

After stopping the engine, the radiator was steaming up the cool night air...  This is from the water stuck between the fins when Damian hosed it down earlier...

With the engine starting and stopping nicely, it was time to put on the air cleaner... this time, the base is being stuck down to provide additional protection against dust on the journey...

Last but not least, Damian figured it would be a good option to put the battery on charge, if for no other reason than it will stop Jason having a whinge about it next time!!

With the engine in and going, one major issue has been resolve, but in true Booger Mobile style, there are now a few more issues to contend with...  It's now time for the boys to run the engine in for 800km or so, before dropping the "run-in" oil and replacing it with "normal" oil.

Massive thanks go to Dave for the time, effort and expertise he provided in getting the engine rebuilt and going again!!

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    What a great job Damian and Jordan did flushing and installing Booger Mobiles Radiator.So happy that it wasn t any problem getting it back into where it came out of, you just never know what might happen when installing anything back into the BM.
    But the best was yet to come with Jason and Dave arriving and doing a few task with this and that as well as installing the carby,so that now Booger Mobile engine could be started,and what a lot of fun that was,as we all could see in the fantastic video that Damian kindly shot for all of us to enjoy the sweet sound of the Booger Mobile roar into life once again.
    Jason tried his best to take over the lime light and almost achieved it giving everyone watching a great laugh,but as always the Booger Mobile shone threw with a bit of encouragement from Dave.
    Great day work thanks guys looking forward to the next exciting blog