Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cleaning the shed, and Broncos Fundraising

This is a bit of a double post... first up, Damian spent Saturday cleaning out the shed in preparation for Jason's arrival to complete the new work bench and shelves...

Starting with a gratuitous shot of Booger Mobile...

It was time to get cleaning...  Damian hasn't seen so much floor since the shed was new!!

And looking from the other direction, you can see the beginning of the workbench, and a the nicely cleared area ready for the shelves...

But where's Jason?  Turns out Jason got held up at work, so wasn't able to come...  At least the shed is cleaner!!

On Sunday, Damian headed out to the Broncos League's Club to do some more fundraising.  This would be Damian's last journey there, as he was handing the duties over to another esCarpade team, Team Afro... 

For his final trip there, Damian raised $249.  Thanks to the Broncos League's Club for their support of Camp Quality, and to the bingo ladies and gents for buying tickets!

1 comment:

    Wow just look at how much bigger the shed looks after Damian worked so hard to prepare for Jason to come and help build the new work bench,
    but alas as always things don't go to plan and thee bench will have to wait till another day.
    Well done on the fund raising at the Broncos League Club.
    Keep up the great work Team Booger Mobile thank you.