Thursday, 5 May 2011

2011 Camp Quality Supper Club

The 2011 Camp Quality Supper Club rolled around again... This year, the boys from Team Booger Mobile and their wives were guests of Aqualogical, who regular blog readers will remember as a Silver Sponsor from 2010!

Damian and Tricia scrub up alright!!

Tricia even bought flash new shoes for the occasion...

This year's destination - Tukka at West End.

The Chandon wine began to flow...

So it was time for the boys to have a self portrait!!

And an artistic shot of the glass...

Later in the evening, Jason showed his true colours!!

Later in the evening, the chariots arrived (Lexus cars actually) to take everyone to the secret after party location!!

Arriving at the venue (which looked remarkably like an old church hall), guests were greeted by more wine and glamour!

Here's the cathedral ceilings...

And the crowd...

There was an outdoor area that had some interesting decorations...

All in all, another fantastic night was had at the Camp Quality Supper Club, and more money was raised for Camp Quality in the process!!

1 comment:

  1. Another great night at the Supper Club
    Damian and Tricia looked as fantastic as ever,and Jason did scrub up well, but what ever happened later in the night, think he was having way to much fun and forgot where he was.Not to worry as long as everyone had a great time while raising funds for Camp Quality.
    Wonderful pictures as always. Thank you for sharing them with us Damian.