Thursday, 9 June 2011

Head removed, extractors removed...

Dave arrived as arranged, and he and Damian headed up to the shed to remove Booger Mobile's head (from the engine), inspect any damage and cut off the extractors so they can have a special heat-proof coating put on (in place of the previously used header wrap).

Off comes the tappet cover...

And the tappets...

The head is removed and placed on the bench for inspection...  Note the damage at the top near cylinders 5 and 1 (cylinder 6 is to the left of the picture).

Close up of the damage to the head gasket at cylinder 5.  Dave had never seen a gasket of this brand fail so catastrophically before...  Of course, he'd never worked on Booger Mobile before either!!  ;-)

Time to check the block to make sure it wasn't damaged...  Good news... it wasn't!!

For fans of Twin Peaks (kids, ask your parents)... It's dead (well, a head)... wrapped in plastic!!

After stopping for some delicious dinner, it was back into it, working out where best to cut the extractors off to leave enough room to put a flange to reconnect it afterwards...  Here looks like a good spot!!

Easy with an angle grinder!!  The fans on the blog will want more sparks than that though, Dave!!

That's better!!

Naturally, the angle grinder wouldn't reach the whole thing, so out came the hacksaw... Damian holding the pipe still, while Dave hacks away at it!!

The headers (extractors) were out... now to remove the header wrap... Damian was a little sad about this, as there is a couple of hundred dollars of wrap on the headers...

Header wrap all removed - some was salvaged, some perished.

Then it was Damian's turn with the angle grinder, removing the remnants of a mounting tag that was no longer used...

Thanks to Dave for the great camera work... the sparks were flying!!

So Dave now has the head, and the modified fan from last year to attempt to balance it a bit more.  He is going to tidy them up a bit at work, grab a new set of gaskets (a different brand this time) and return with them.

Damian has a list of things to get sorted out, including a new radiator, distributor and wheel bearings for the front, get a flange welded onto the extractors and a matching one for the remaining part of the exhaust, deliver them to Dave and wait...

One last thing...  when Damian was checking the Team Booger Mobile online donations, he found a $20 donation from The Whopper Experiment...

Not having ever heard of this, Damian googled, and found The Whopper Experiment on Facebook...  If you have Facebook, you can check out Grant Carter's The Whopper Experiment here.

The challenge was to create some art, sell it, and donate the profits to charity.  Guess who he chose?  Camp Quality, via Team Booger Mobile's online donation page... Thanks Grant!!

Anyone else who wants to do something zany and donate money, drop Damian an email afterwards and you too can have your name up in lights...  or do it anonymously if you prefer, and have a warm inner glow!!


  1. Yay to no damage to the block! Boo to having more work to do though!
    Yay to the Whopper Experiment! Hanging on for the next installment! ;)

    Thursday evening arrived and Dave with it as aranged,so it was time to head up to Booger Mobile HQ to check out Booger engine etc.Off came the tappet cover then the head reveling some damage to cylinders 1 and 5 with the head gasket on number five being something Dave had never seen before and hopefully never again,so the head is all wrapped up to go to Daves, to be fully checked, hopefully to be repaired.
    Now that the head was sorted for now it was time to move onto the extractors,and boy did the sparks ever fly, as the great pictures show.
    Lets hope that its all good news with then next instalment of the blog.
    Great to have the donation come in from The Whopper Experiment going to Camp Quality via Team Booger Mobile.Weather its big all small any donation is welcomed by Team Booger Mobile.
    Doing it for the Kids