Saturday, 17 October 2009

Booger Mobile hits Cooroy

Come and see Booger Mobile in the flesh (well, in the metal I suppose) at the Cruise'n'Cooroy Car Show from 9am on Sunday 18 October 2009 at Johnson Park, Mary River Road Cooroy, Qld.

This car show is held by the Combined Coastal Car Club, which Scottie used to be a member of...

Also, the boys have a new video showing the outside of Booger Mobile, along with a sponsor rundown, check it out!!

1 comment:

  1. BOOGER MOBILE is looking spectacular,what a wonderful job you did getting her all spick and span for the Cruise 'n' Cooroy Car Show BOOGER MOBILE is looking like the Classic that she is.Good luck at the show today,just give Damian a mike and he ll be in his glory spreading the word of "CAMP QUALITY"
    Great bunch of sponsers you have mananaged to get behind b/m so far and I m sure there will be many more who will get behind this great cause.
    Well done once again "TEAM BOOGER" many thanks for all your time and hard work to get this far
    Oh and good job of the video as well.