Friday, 2 October 2009

Camp Quality Res Camp 2009

Damian returned home from the Camp Quality Res Camp 2009 experience - a space odyssey was the theme!! Here's a snapshot of what he got up to on camp!

He visited Australia Zoo and watched crocodiles being fed... (He also saw young Robert Irwin attempt to give his minder the slip running off through the park, and Bindi walking with her minder.)

Car 309 visited the kids, bringing their prepped esCarpade car ready for the 2009 esCarpade!

Car 309 was signed by campers and companions, and Team Booger Mobile made their mark towards the front of the guard!!

Natalie Cook came along to play some volleyball with the kids and be a special guest judge on Universe Idol!

The 501st Division were special guests at the space themed disco!!

As you can see, a top week was had by all concerned. This is what your donations are going towards - bringing smiles to the faces of children living with cancer or leukaemia! (CQ privacy rules prevent the showing of any campers, however you can rest assured that they had a FABULOUS time!!)

1 comment:

  1. What a great experience it would have been for everyone to go too Australia Zoo.Also very tiring one as well, so much to see and do.
    Car 309 is looking real good and great for everyone to put their mark on it.
    Wil be fantastic when the "BOOGER MOBILE" is at that stage.Not being bais (well not too much) but the "BOOGER MOBILE" will out shine them all.
    As usual Damian in the middle of it all,right in his element.He is a real SPACE "ODYSSEY"
    Thank you Damian for all that you do for CAMP QUALITY.Im sure all the campers had a great time just by seeing the smile on your face.
    Glad you made it home and not get eaten by one of those hungry crocodiles.WELL DONE