Friday, 9 October 2009

Mounting the Gearbox, and other fun stuff!!

Well, the boys decided to have a two-day Boogerfest, however since they both have families to spend time with, they decided to make it Friday and Saturday (rather than Saturday and Sunday like they occasionally do!)

Scottie arrived bright and early, and the task of getting the gearbox mounted was the first order of the day. After much cursing and thinking and shoving of the gearbox, it was decided that a custom mount was in order.

After a trip to the shops to collect various items (bolts, nuts, steel etc), the boys got down to creating their custom gearbox mount. Here's Scottie measuring for the first cut!!

And using the magic of the interwebs, here's the finished product!!

After the gearbox was securely mounted, Scottie had to create a bracket for the transmission dipstick.

Many hours later, this is what the engine bay looked like!!

And after throwing a few more bits and pieces on, the engine almost looked complete!!

The battery was hooked up, and the engine turned over... good progress was made!! On Saturday, hopefully the boys will get the engine actually STARTED!!

Oh, there's also a rumour about a trip to collect the ever-elusive 5-stud ute diff!! More on that on Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. Great plan guys getting work on the "BOOGER MOBILE" done and stll being able to have a family day. Thats the best way to go.
    Luckly Scottie arrived nice and early with all that work that needed to be done.Its amazing what you can do when you have some know how on the job ahead and what a big job it was too, all those great pictures of Scottie hard at it but the end result well worth the effort Good work guys
    She is looking rearing to go and I ll have my fingers and toes crossed that she roars into life when you turn that ignition key at long last.
    Hope your trip to Ipswich went well, and you came back safe and sound with the elusive diff"
    Once again I thank you both for all the hard work and time that you have put into this wonderful project for the great cause of "CAMP QUALITY"