Sunday, 25 October 2009

Father and Son Camp - 2009

Again, no work on Booger Mobile as Damian headed off to the 2009 Camp Quality Father and Son Camp on the banks of the beautiful Noosa River, Qld.

Staying at the Noosa River Caravan Park at Munna Point, the tents are on one side of the public boat ramp,

while on the other side are the marquees...

The father's and their sons all have a great time fishing, boating, having a water fight with the Firies (seems unfair - they have big hoses!!) and generally letting their hair down.

The highlight of the weekend is always the Saturday night pig on the spit and movie night! Great times, great people.

Again, this is why the boys are fundraising, so keep those donations rolling in!!


  1. What a wonderful thing it is to take time to help out at "CAMP QUALITYS" father and son camp. To see the big smiles on the boys faces when they catch a fish, or to hear their fathers tell the story about the big one that got away.
    What a great sight the water fight would have been boys weather young or old always love to have a water fight.
    So yes get behind the boys with their "BOOGER MOBILE" fund raising for "CAMP QUALITY" and we will be able to help with our donations to put more smiles on more faces

  2. Hey Damian, I hope you had an awesome time at Father & Sons.... The question is did you catch a fish?

  3. Damian caught 5 jew's about 50cm long as someone threw them to him from a boat!! No, Damian didn't even get a chance to do any fishing - he did however weigh in a lot of fish for the competition!!