Saturday, 10 October 2009

Booger Mobile LIVES!! (Oh, and we got a 5 stud ute diff too!)

And so day two began... the boys were up early and back into it with two goals in mind... goal number one, get Booger Mobile's engine started, and goal number two, collect an XP Ute Diff (5 stud of course) from Ipswich.

First job was to get the extractors bolted up... thankfully Damian's long arms came in handy for something, reaching under to get the tricky bolts in...

Meanwhile, Scottie decided that the top bolts required a bit of leverage...

After much straining and cursing, the extractors were all bolted up and it was time to get some supplies from Super Cheap... As you can see on the front of the engine, the water pump is off, as there was a stripped bolt-hole that needed repairing.

After loading up the bolt hole with special bolt-hole repair compound (gold plated judging by the price of it) it was time to head to sunny Ipswich to purchase an elusive ute diff!

The agreed price was $150, however upon hearing why Booger Mobile was being built, the seller gave the boys a $50 discount bringing the price down to $100!!!!! Thanks very much!

As you can see, there are five, yes five studs on each drum.

Upon returning from Ipswich, Damian's brother and his wife turned up to watch the starting of the engine. After fueling up, filling up the transmission fluid etc, the engine was cranked... cranking, cranking, cranking...

The points were cleaned and the engine cranked again (with some fuel down the carby), and she fired into life, quickly swallowing the drop of fuel.

Sensing that there was an issue with the fuel pump, but not having the time to work through it, Damian's brother made a temporary fuel tank from an empty cola bottle and... Well, the video speaks for itself really!!

As you can see, Booger Mobile is starting to really take shape, and sounds awesome!! Pity an exhaust needs to be fitted - it's really going to muffle the sound!!


  1. Those tricky bolts are always the hardest to do and also reach and luckly Damian didn t get his arm stuck while he was tighting them."Well done Damian"
    No job worth doing is ever easy, but at least it all done now with the two of you working together to get it finished.
    Thats great that you ended up getting the diff at a lower price than agreed. Well worth the long trip to Ipswich."WOO HOO@ 5 STUDS"
    Even I knew that you would have to put fuel direct into the carby to get the engine started as I learn t that a lot of years ago (well not too many ha ha ) Very smart thinking on Damians brothers part to use a empty cola bottle.
    What a "AWESOME" video thank you for up loading it for us who will probley never get to see or hear the "BOOGER MOBILE" She sounds as sweet as I thought that she would.Won t be too long before she is all finished and licenced for the road,and ready to do a great job for "CAMP QUALITY" WOO HOO

  2. Looking good guys...... in tipocal CQ fasion if one thing doesn't work then try another way. Can't wait to see the finished booger

  3. She's sounding great!
    If it's that sweet sound you want to keep, you guys could always engineer a "creative" hole in the exhaust after it has passed all inspections and scrutineering...

  4. That's evil @ Elli... we would never do such a thing!! *shuffles feet*

    Actually, you get scrutineered at the event when you arrive (over the pits and everything) to make sure nothing rattled loose on the trip to the starting line!!

    There is some talk about a switch so that we can have it dump straight out the side for show/noise, and go through the exhaust for normal driving.