Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cruise 'n' Cooroy Car Show

Sunday morning rolled around, and having loaded Booger Mobile onto the trailer the evening before, all that was left was for Scottie and Damian to load the supplies into the Patrol, snap a quick morning photo of Booger Mobile and head off to sunny Cooroy.

Arriving early, the boys were directed to what appeared to be a lonely spot over near the fence. It didn't remain that way, with cars soon all around Booger Mobile.

The boys decided to have the bonnet open for a while to show off the newly installed 250 pre-crossflow engine...

See, it really is in there!!

An artistic shot of the bonnet, with competitors cars in the background.

This is Damian's new favourite shot of Booger Mobile... Ford flag flying proudly in the background!!

As the afternoon drew to a close, a few spots of rain started to disperse the crowd. The boys packed up the gear and headed back down to Brisbane, happy with the turnout and number of donations in the tin (especially given the small size of the crowd compared to some other events!!)

1 comment:

  1. Once again this time under the cover of darkness the "BOOGER MOBILE"being towed by Damians mighty patrol,headed off up the hill too sunny Cooroy.For the CRUIS'N'COOROY car show.
    All set up before sunrise the "BOOGER MOBILE" looked a treat.Then with her hood open wide for all to gaze upon her beautiful newly installed 250 pre-crossflo engine what a buzz that must have been.
    Once again another successful showing for the"BOOGER MOBILE' and the great cause of "CAMP QUALITY"
    Well done Scottie and Damian.