Sunday, 3 January 2010

A grinder, some brackets, and a sway bar!!

With Scottie still away enjoying the last of his family holiday, Damian had one last task to complete the front end work (that he's able to complete without further assistance from Scottie or parts)... Adjust the size of the sway bar bush brackets to fit the new sway bar bushes!!

Of course, this involves the use of an angle grinder, so all emergency services were placed on standby!!

First, Damian marked out the adjustment with black pen on the almost-black bracket... Sensible move that!!

And through the magic of the interwebs, here's the completed product... One bracket down, one to go!!

Here it is, all nicely painted... looks just like a bought one!!

Having taken a ridiculously long time to complete the first bracket, Damian decided that the second bracket would be easier to adjust if he used a white marker rather than a black one, therefore making the line easier to see!!

The second bracket was completed much more quickly, and turned out even better than the first one!! As they say - practice makes perfect!!

Of course, it's important to wear the correct safety gear when you are using an angle grinder, so here's Damian looking delightful in his "ears and eyes"!!

Once the brackets were completed, Damian went back to a job that he knows and loves - painting random items black... as you can see from the envelope on the left, this is the passenger sway bar link...

While waiting for the paint to dry, Damian decided he had best work out which way the sway bar actually attaches!!

Looks about right from the front!!

And here is the completed setup, with bushes and sway bar links attached nicely!!

It's been a while since any sponsor stickers have made an appearance on the blog, so here's a big thank you to Team Booger Mobile's existing sponsors - the boys couldn't have reached this point without you!!

In no particular order...

Jason Sheather Plumbing (Team Booger Mobile's newest Gold Sponsor)

Gold Sponsors Blow in Shopfitting and Drift Bodyworx.

Silver sponsors Special K from WA, Complete Treatment Plant Services and ACTUM Consulting.

The reason for Booger Mobile to exist - raising funds for Camp Quality!!

Platinum Sponsor Cadist Consulting...

And not forgetting those sponsors who don't yet have their stickers on Booger Mobile - Platinum Sponsor Acreage Driveways, and Silver Sponsor CMK Financial Solutions.

Of course, while Damian has been hard at work continuing the preparation of Booger Mobile, Scottie has been having a break with his family... Here's a photo just in of Scottie demonstrating that he hasn't forgotten about Booger's while he's been away...

In other news, Damian delved into the world of ebay and purchased a brand new HQ Master Cylinder, so thanks to those who made enquiries for the boys, but a master cylinder has been sourced...

Of course, the boys are still after a set of six 15" x 5.5" (or 6", but not 6.5") rims from an XD to XE Falcon - either factory alloys or steel rims - it doesn't matter so long as all six are identical... If you can help, and you are in South East Queensland (or have access to a courier), then use one of the methods in the "Contact Us" section above and let the boys know!!

Last but not least, Damian still has all fingers and toes after using the angle grinder!! Hooray!!!

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  1. "WOW" Scottie really has been missing out on the fun hasn t he,this being the forth blog since he went away with his family on holiday.(lucky him)
    Hope you had a great time Scottie but all good things must come to an end and its back to work on the B/M.You and Damian have some hard times and good times ahead of you getting the BOOGER MOBILE ready for the "CAMP QUALITY" 2010 esCarpade and then you can really enjoy what all the hard works been about.
    We are all thankful for the emergency services and the great work they do.Luckly this time there was no need for them to come to Damian rescue.For as you can see in the fantastic picture of Damian he was all decked out in the right gear for the task ahead using the angle grinder, and doing an excellence job of making the brackets that were needed to complete the task.Woo Hoo perfect fit with the green(snake). sway bay attached acrossed, thing are really coming together now.
    Anytime is a great time to show off all your wonderful sponsors, and once BOOGER MOBILE is on the road they will be out there for everyone to see what great supporters they are of BOOGER MOBILE and "CAMP QUALITY"
    Great picture of Scottie shows how much of a good time he was having with his family (I did note where he had his finger though ha ha the BOOGER MOBILE is still with him)
    Shame no one was able to come forth with the HQ master cylinder needed, but at least you have found one, so thats one less thing to worry about.
    Well done Damian now that Scottie will be back working on the BOOGER MOBILE with you, he will be able to get straight on to it thanks to the excellence work you have completed while he was away,(and your still in one piece as well).