Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A time to reflect...

Nearly a year into the preparation for the 2010 esCarpade, it's time to reflect on how far the boys have come (and think about how much further they still have to go!!)

After deciding that they'd like to enter the 2010 Camp Quality esCarpade on the Australia Day long weekend (while sitting on Fraser Island having a few refreshing drinks at the end of a hot day) Damian and Scottie and their families got together in early February 2009 and Team Booger Mobile was born.

The search for Booger Mobile commenced in ernest, and in late February 2009 Booger Mobile (a 1964 XM Falcon) was purchased!

March came and went, and the end of March 2009 saw the chrome stripped from Booger Mobile along with some preparation for a new shed at Damian's place to house Booger Mobile.

April 2009 was taken up with the construction of Damian's new shed.

May 2009 was a busy month, with Booger Mobile relocated to the shed, the completion of major body work, and Scottie and Damian and their wives attended the 2009 Camp Quality Chandon Supper Club.

June 2009 was taken up with the preparation and undercoating of Booger Mobile.

July 2009 was another big month, with Booger Mobile being painted, followed by the grand unveiling at the Nambour Swap Meet.

By the time August 2009 rolled around, Booger Mobile was starting to be well known around the traps, making several further appearances at car shows and swap meets, along with the following both on this blog and on the Australian Ford Forums. Also in 2009, Booger Mobile got an engine!

September 2009 was another manic month, with more car shows, a successful raffle at the Kedron All Ford Day, and the engine and gearbox were installed!

October 2009 was a massive month of fundraising, camps, car shows and work on Booger Mobile, which saw the engine started for the very first time!! If you haven't seen it already, here it is in all its glory!!

Incidentally, October 2009 saw the running of the 2009 Camp Quality esCarpade... how Scottie and Damian longed to be there... 2010 seemed so far away...

November 2009 saw the boys working on long, tedious parts of making Booger Mobile work - making brackets etc for the throttle cable.

December 2009 had one massive event!! The announcement of the 2010 Camp Quality esCarpade starting point (and mid point)!! It also saw Damian working unsupervised...

So this brings us to January 2010. The year of Booger Mobile has begun, and the boys are working extra hard to get her it ready in time.

Please take note of the sponsors down the right hand side of this blog, for without them, Booger Mobile would be much further from being finished.

Many thanks also for the generous donations that have been received - both monetary donations to Camp Quality (currently totalling over $1700) and the donations of equipment and parts to Team Booger Mobile.

The coming months will see the boys really step up a gear, both in terms of preparation of Booger Mobile and fundraising activities... Please keep an eye on the blog, and if you can attend any of the activities, the boys would love to see you!!

Next major milestone to be met is to get Booger Mobile back together and running, ready for Compliance and Safety Certificate and Registration... Then you really will see Booger Mobile out and about!!

Stay tuned... there's so much more to come!!


    What was a mear dream almost a year ago is now a reality.With guts and determination,blood sweat(and maybe a few tears of frustration)
    Damian and Scottie have excelled in their great effort to realize their dream with the preparing of the BOOGER MOBILE for the"CAMP QUALITY" 2010 esCarpade.
    Not only did they have to find a car that would suit them, but they also had to build a shed to house it in.With the outside work completed on the car and a wonderful job of painting by DRIFT BODYWORX (one of B/M sponsers) it was time to hit the road so to speak with the help of a trailer loaned to the boys by another one of their sponsers BLOW IN SHOPFITTING AND CABINETRY Many thanks to them and all of the other great sponsers of TEAM BOOGER MOBILE.The showings went well and soon the word of the BOOGER MOBILE and "CAMP QUALITY" was spreading far and wide.For lets not forget that its all about raising funds for "CAMP QUALITY" So get behind these two wonderful guys and their dream to help put a smile on the kids faces.
    Damian and Scottie your dream will soon be fully realized.Thank you both for allowing us to be part of you dream, by being able to follow it in your very imformative blog with such great pictures
    I am looking forward too the next exciting blog and to see the CLASSICAL BOOGER MOBILE cruising the streets.

  2. Booger Mobile is refered to as a "her". How many girls do you know that have large noses with boogers coming out? I have always thought of the car as a "he".

  3. Quite right Katie... the boys don't tend to call Booger Mobile her (or him for that matter), they usually call it BM...

    Problem is, other people seem to refer to BM as a she (all cars are female apparently)... something about the amount of money you sink into them probably!! ;-)