Saturday, 22 August 2009

Road Trip!! BM gets an engine!!

Damian got up early, rounded his boys up and piled into the mighty Patrol. Saturday was arranged to collect the 250 pre-crossflow engine (with extractors) that Damian had purchased on ebay the week before - from Hervey Bay!

Leaving home just after 5:30am, Damian met Scottie with his daughter in tow (and Damian's trailer which had been borrowed earlier) at the Rustic Cabin at Landsborough. Switching the trailer to the Patrol, everyone piled in as the GPS predicted an arrival around 8:40am in Hervey Bay!

Arriving right on time, the boys loaded up the complete 250 pre-crossflow, a second engine in pieces, and extractors to fit the complete engine (as per the ebay transaction).

Simon (shown below posing with the engines) then surprised the boys greatly by advising that he didn't want the money from ebay, and that they could have the engines for FREE as his donation to support Team Booger Mobile get to the esCarpade! He also threw in the full exhaust system, as he was going to replace it anyway with a new exhaust for his flash new 250 crossflow...

Needless to say, the boys were blown away by Simon's generosity, and would like to send out a huge thank you to Simon for his donation to Team Booger Mobile. Below is a photo of Simon's pride and joy - a nicely turned out XP Falcon.

Heading back towards Brisbane, the boys stopped at Gympie for refreshments, then headed out to visit one of the local Camp Quality families on the way through. While there, Scottie managed to scrounge several useful items from various vehicles and engines that were lying around, and Damian grabbed some more choko's to plant at home (after the last choko - the one from the Nambour Swap - was inadvertantly eaten rather than planted).

Continuing the journey home, the boys stopped back at the Rustic Cabin for Scottie to collect his car, then headed down the highway to Damian's house - home of Booger Mobile!

Using an elaborate set of wooden ramps, the engines were carefully removed from the trailer and stashed safely on the floor of the shed.

Damian's wife Tricia attempted to exit the photo, but succeeded only in having her lovely legs make a special guest appearance!

Booger Mobile opened it's bonnet wide, attempting to entice the engine in, but alas, the boys will have to fit it themselves after some preliminary work - replacing some gaskets/welsh plugs etc - much easier to do while the engine is on the floor of the shed!!

Once everything was unloaded, the XD Falcon was moved into position ready to go up on blocks, and the trailer put away down in the back shed. Scottie was preparing to head home, when suddenly - no steering!!

A quick look showed that the steering arm had suddenly snapped - luckily it happened in Damian's back yard rather than at 100kph on the highway!

Scottie's very understanding wife Katie came down to collect him, and they headed off... If Scottie can find a replacement part on a Sunday, he'll probably come back to fix his car!

All in all a great road trip - just over 500km, around 2/3 of a tank of diesel, one complete motor, one spare motor, extractors, exhaust, sundry parts scrounged - PRICELESS!!

Oh, and there are rumours of a new sponsor... watch this space!


  1. What an exciting trip it must have been for the Booger Mobile Team ,and also to be able to have their children go along as well.(some much needed family time for the boys to have with their children)
    A trip that ended up being well worth while,with the very generous donation of all of the parts and the 250 pre crossflow engine, being donated to the Booger Mobile Team by the the seller Simon.(Many thanks Simon for your fantastic support for this worthy cause)It just goes to prove that there are still a lot of caring people out there helping in what ever way they are able too.
    WOO HOO a full exhaust system as well,now the Booger Mobile will sound sweet when her engine finally roars into action.
    Great that you were also able to visit one of the Camp Quality family on the way back.The jury is still out on weather those newly acquired chokos makeing it too the garden or onto your diner plate. (ha ha)
    Certainly looks like the B/M is raring to go with her bonnet open ready from her engine,but alas she has to wait for you guys to get your act together (said jokingly )and get it ready to fit so she can roar into action.
    Well the Booger Mobile is coming together in a great rate of knots now, and will soon be out on the road driving along on her own four wheels.
    "Well done" once again you both have out done your selves with a very fruitful day for such a worthy cause

  2. Glad to help, the motors were only filling up the shed! As I told Damien I have raised over $100000 over the last 5 years for charity by organising marathon bike rides.

    You guys have my full support. It's only by our small efforts that we improve the quality of life for others.

    God bless...

  3. Unlucky my steering arm broke when I was turning around in Damian's back paddok.... or was it ???
    I will have to make an unplaned trip down to fix it on Sunday, and I may even get another chance to work on the "BM" :-)
    Thanks Simon for the engine and exhaust, will certainly get the "BM" up and running and sounding sweet.