Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunshine Coast PCYC Motoring Jamboree

A fine, warm winter morning greeted Damian as he rolled Booger Mobile out the shed door and into position, waiting for Scottie to arrive. Unlike previous events where the boys had to be ready to leave by 5am (necessitating Booger Mobile to be pre-loaded onto the trailer), this event had a much more civilised start time, so they were able to load it in the morning!

Of course, the morning load time also allowed Damian to take another classic Booger Mobile shot, including a pretty sunrise sky!!

The boys arrived and began setting up, when lo and behold a very similarly coloured car pulled up beside them!! Scottie meanwhile, was doing some last minute polishing...

And more polishing... (Damian had chamoised the car down before commencing on the photos!)

Booger Mobile was entered into the competition in two categories - Classic Cars (which the boys agreed they had no chance at all of winning), and Special Interest (which they thought they might have had a chance with depending on the mood of the crowd!)

This gratuitous boot-open shot was included just for Kaye!

The sun shone, sometimes the breeze blew, sometimes it was stinking hot!! The crowds started to pour in around 10am, and the day got under way!

Always important to get a gratuitous sponsor shot in! Thanks again to Drift Bodyworx and Blow-In Shopfitting!

At the end of the day, Booger Mobile narrowly missed getting a prize in the Special Interest category, however the boys did manage to pick up a new sponsor (stay tuned for that one!), details from a potential sponsor or two, and some donations in the tin!

All in all, a good day was had, the word was spread about Camp Quality (with Damian again taking over the microphone - unaccustomed to public speaking as he is!!), and the boys got to have a laugh with other competitors!

Thanks to all who attended, those who donated, and to potential sponsors - Damian will be in contact with you shortly!


  1. Are you taking the BM to the Ford/Holden show day at Kedron in September? Maybe more sponsors there too

  2. Yes, Booger Mobile will be at the All Ford Day at Kedron on September 20!

  3. What a great morning it must have been ,not having to get up for an early start at the showing of the Booger Mobile, no rushing around doing last minute things.
    The Booger Mobile looks as if she rolled out beautifully in all her glory to the fabulous sunrise.( what a great shot) Greeting it with a fantastic change of colour."She is a real CLASSIC "
    Always only ever see Scottie doing the last minute touch ups while Damian snaps away getting all those fantastic shots we all love to see and really appreciate, although Damian did mention that he had already chamoised it down ready for Scottie to finish off.So a great job by both the guys.
    Always good to see the sponsers stickers on the Booger Mobile, as without their wonderful support the B/M wouldn t be as far along so a very big THANK YOU too Drift Bodyworx and Blow in Shopfittings.
    Always good to hear of more potential sponsers and that the Camp Quailty tin got a bit of a work out with some donations.
    I think Damian is doing a great job on the michophone considering that he is so unacustomed to it,( yeah sure he is)Well at least the word is getting out about Camp Quailty many thanks to Team Booger Mobile and thats what its all about

  4. Might bring Foxy down to all ford day!