Sunday, 16 August 2009

Qld Corvette Club Concourse

Sunday morning arrived and so did Scottie - Booger Mobile had been loaded onto the trailer previously and spent the night shivering in 7 degree temperatures!! Covered in dew it made for an eerie sight in the pre-dawn!

Damian and Scottie hooked Booger Mobile up to the mighty Patrol tow vehicle and headed down to the Gold Coast for the second time in as many weekends - this time as guests of the Qld Corvette Club at their annual Concourse/Show'n'Shine. The Qld Corvette Club are proud supporters of Camp Quality, and have been for a number of years.

Arriving at the beachfront at Surfers Paradise, Damian manouvered the Booger Mobile into position - the first spot, and he and Scottie began setting up ready for the arrival of the spectators!

Scottie took the time to relax under the tree while the boys waited for the arrival of Team Green Machine, who were also coming along.

Damian's Patrol looked right at home parked on the foreshore, and made him wish that he went driving up the beach more often!

As the sun rose and the waves rolled in, the boys enjoyed a morning coffee and waited...

The Drift Bodyworx and Blow-In Shopfitting stickers glistened in the morning sun!

A short time later, Damian remembered to put the orange flashing light on the roof!

And the waves continued to roll in!

The boys were eventually joined by Team Green Machine (later in the day renamed to Lisa and the Leo's by Damian) in their bright green 1989 Ford Fairlane. A healthy rivalry developed then, with Team Green Machine making note that at least their car had an engine, but Team Booger Mobile countering that their car is Classic, not PLASTIC!!

Always one for comparisons, Damian decided to compare front ends between the two vehicles...

Seems that there were plenty of opportunities for Damian to photograph Booger Mobile with the ocean in the background...

And a gratuitous rear end shot!

The mighty Booger Mobile on display - calling out "come and look at me!!"

Later in the day, a chick with a bird was wandering along minding her own business, so Damian asked if she'd mind being photographed for the blog!! Luckily she said YES!! (It's a Macaw by the way...)

More angles, more fantastic Booger Mobile shots, and more waves in the background!

Waves through the windows (with a little photo trickery to get the Cadist Consulting logo the right way around!!)

Later in the day, the Booger Mobile was still shining brightly... pity the boys couldn't say the same for the tired old orange light!!

Later in the afternoon, Scottie and Damian loaded all the gear back into Booger Mobile and headed back home. Plenty of donations in the tin, a lot of laughs with the crew from Lisa and the Leo's (who are actually doing this year's CQ esCarpade), and plenty of balloons and business cards handed out!

Thanks to everyone who managed to get down to see Booger Mobile, and of course a massive thanks to the Qld Corvette Club for inviting the boys down!!


  1. Another weekend and another showing for the Booger Mobile.I don t think she shivered in the night as she is hot stuff,(LMAO)and she glowed in the pre dawn light,what a sight to behold.(Great picture of that)All the pictures that you took at the Corvette concourse/show "n" shine are fantastic and what a beautiful background the ocean was, "well done"
    Really great to see another esCarpade entry there as well, side by side(Green as well but not a patch on the Booger Mobile fabulous colour she s a real stand out)It was really good to be able to see the comparisison between the two.
    Yes what a classic that Booger Mobile is no plastic there.(ha ha )So a great time was had by all with a lot of jibs and laughter and the donations kept clinking into the Camp Quality tins.Another long and tiring day over, time for a well earned rest after the long drive home,well done and thank you guys.

  2. Hey Damian thanks for coming down to the show and shine. I'm going to write a letter to the Corvette club to say thanks for letting us be there....

    It was an awesome day and I hope it was worthwhile for the booger team