Saturday, 15 August 2009

Auto transmission located!

The search for an engine/transmission sponsor has ended, with the boys deciding that Damian should just go ahead and purchase each... A 250 pre-crossflow engine has been purchased, but not yet collected, so the search began in ernest for a Borg Warner Model 35 (BW35) automatic transmission.

After several calls to wreckers, scouring ebay etc, it transpired that to purchase one was going to cost several hundred dollars. It turned out that XD Falcons generally had BW35 Auto's in them (those that didn't had C4 Auto's, each useful, but BW35 slightly easier to fit into an XM Falcon), so Scottie checked out ebay and found that there was a complete, registered (until 16/8/2009) XD Falcon Station Wagon located not too far from Damian's house.

Damian stalked the auction, watching two punters try to outbid each other, then with just a few seconds remaining, swooped in and stole it out from under them for the bargain price of $405!!

Damian collected the (still registered) XD Falcon today and drove it home. Under the bonnet, lots of goodies for the boys to use!! A brand new battery, windscreen washer bottles, distributor, potentially the radiator... so much to choose from!!

Damian slid under the XD and found the telltale sign of a BW35 - the Borg Warner Model 35 ID plate, located on the passenger side of the transmission!

Turns out that there are also two brand new tyres on the front, and the rims are quite nice (for stock rims), and there are five of them!! Looks like the boys have themselves a set of rims to use also!

Finally, there was also a CD player and speakers in the XD. Literally IN the XD. The speaker boxes were rolling around in the boot area, as Damian discovered turning a corner on the way home only to hear roll, roll, roll, BANG!!

All in all, a good purchase. For only slightly more than the cost of the BW35 transmission on its own, the boys have a whole car load of goodies that can be potentially used (and a 250 crossflow engine that will be on ebay shortly!!)

Looking forward to seeing everyone down at the Gold Coast tomorrow


  1. Well congratulations on acquiring a bargain purchase guys.It just goes to show all the hard work and effort that you both have and still are putting into the Booger Mobile is paying off (even if Damian had to turn stalker for a while well done Damian).
    With all the parts that you can use from the XD for the Booger Mobile she will be up and running before we know it.(and won t that be a fantastic sight to behold) and whats left over can be sold off and maybe even make some profit.
    But with that comes all the hard work of removing all the parts and then transfering what is need into the Booger Mobile, but the end result will be worth it
    I can just hear the engine roaring into life when you start her up won t that be sweet music to your ears.
    Once again you both have outdone yourselves and I say many thanks and I know that you will achieve your end goal.

  2. You haven't done a good restoration job unless you have had to buy a donar car! Yes Kaye I'm sure that you will hear the boys start up the motor the first time because with no exhaust you will hear it from where they are. We might even hear it from up here on the Sunshine Coast. Looks like many more weekends without our boy, wasn't there a mention of a weekend without BOOGER?
    Katie & Tahlia.