Sunday, 9 August 2009

Gold Coast All Ford Day

The alarm went off at 4am, waking Damian from a restless sleep. He staggered out of bed and put the kettle on, before having a quick shower to freshen up. Brewing some coffee, he noted that Scottie had emerged from the guest room and had begun to take stock of the situation.

It was the morning of the Gold Coast All Ford Day, and it was time to go! Slurping down a fresh coffee, the boys collected the few remaining items on their list and headed off into the dark of night.

Arriving at the Carrara Stadium just on daybreak (no thanks to Damian's GPS which decided that the best way to a main road was through a winding residential area), they boys were first to arrive (as far as entrants go) and parked at the main entrance, passing the time by wiping the dew off Booger Mobile and polishing the chrome!

Finally the gates were open, and the boys had a prime location on the end of one of the rows, clearly visible from the front gate. It was going to be a great day!

Ignoring his shadow on the table, Damian took a photo of the Camp Quality goodies (and Blow-In Shopfitting stickers/fridge magnets) that were put on display. The balloons proved to be a big hit!!

As the sun came out, the day began to warm up, and the crowd started to filter in. Booger Mobile was entered into the competition in the Early Falcon category.

The crew from Shannon's Insurance had a truck there that had an upstairs viewing platform - it wasn't open to the public, however Damian asked very nicely if he could get a quick photo of Booger Mobile from up above, and the nice Shannon's man obliged!!
During the day, the boys met another couple of esCarpade entrants who had come down to see Booger Mobile, and Quintin (another Camp Quality volunteer) popped by, taking a photo for the boys. Damian seems to have sprouted some extra ears!!

All in all, a great day was had. The sun shone, the birds chirped, Damian got to plug Camp Quality and Booger Mobile on the roving microphone (thanks Stuart!), some donations were made into the tin, the balloons disappeared, and the boys were offered a pair of XP 5-stud axles! Things were good!

At the end of the day, Booger Mobile didn't win the coveted Best in Show prize (no surprises there really, it's not a show car!!), however Damian did manage to spread the word about Camp Quality, Scottie gleaned some further information about mechanical things for the Booger Mobile, and thanks to Brett (another entrant/visitor to the event), they also collected a nice pair of 5-stud axles on the way home!

The trip back to Brisbane was uneventful, and went very quickly. Booger Mobile is being left on the trailer this week so that it's ready to go next Sunday for the Queensland Corvette Club Annual Concourse/Show'n'Shine on Sunday 16 August 2009, again at the Gold Coast. Stay tuned for further details during the week!!

Many thanks to all the people who came to see Booger Mobile, made donations, offered advice, kind words or just a good laugh! Hope to see you at the next event!!

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  1. Well it goes to show how much time and effort, you both are putting into the great cause of Camp Quality,and I know that it is appreciated by everyone concerned.You would have needed a double shot off that coffee to help you thru your long day ahead.
    Sounds like you set your GPS to avoid the tolls "lmao".Lucky you had that time to wipe the dew off and polish the chrome as it does tends too leave spots if you don t get it done,(theres always something that needs doing)
    You really did get a great location for displaying the Booger Mobile and its wares.Balloons are always a big hit with the kids and they will always drag mum and dad over to get them one and thats a good starting point once there they hopefully will do something to help like donate or help with something,( you just never know.)
    The Booger Mobile really stood out in the picture with all the other entries well done.
    Great to know that all when well and the word about Camp Quality is really getting out there thanks too the both of you.
    It goes to show that doing these showings are working, and that there is alway someone out there willing to help you with donations advice ect.A good day all in all worth all the effort you have put in to it.
    CONGRATULATIONS once again to you both"WELL DONE"