Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ready for Gold Coast All Ford Day!!

Scottie arrived mid afternoon to get a few finishing touches on Booger Mobile ready for taking to the Gold Coast All Ford Day on Sunday 9 August 2009 at Carrara on the Gold Coast.

Damian attached the Drift Bodyworx sticker on the bonnet, ably assisted by Scottie. It was quite tricky due to the shape of the raised section of the bonnet.

Turned out pretty good though, don't you think?

Booger Mobile was also sporting some (fake) BOOGER number plates! Perhaps someone would like to sponsor the $3000 that it would cost to purchase said plates!! (Kidding!)

Quick test of the magnetic signage was also undertaken, and Booger Mobile was READY!!

After loading Booger Mobile onto the trailer in the daylight (hooray!!), the boys settled into a few quiet drinks and some further paperwork in readiness for the big day!

Remember to come and see Booger Mobile!!

Gold Coast All Ford Day
Carrara Park - behind Carrara Stadium
Sunday 9 August 2009
Gates open 9am!!

1 comment:

  1. Great job on getting the Bodyworx sticker perfect(with that little bit of help from Scottie) it is not easy to put those big stickers on.It has come up really well and sure stands out on the Booger Mobile fab colour.
    Well done with the fake BOOGER plates "brillent idea"
    Enjoy your well deserved drinks and all the best for tomorrow.