Sunday, 2 August 2009

Booger, buffs, bibs and bobs!

Sunday rolled around and Scottie arrived bright and early to get started on rubbing back some imperfections in the paint, ready for a cut and polish.

You can see the spots on the boot lid that were rubbed back (wet rubbed with 2000 grit sandpaper).

The whole roof was also rubbed back...

Meanwhile, Damian was attaching then cleaning the door trims. Both the boys were dubious that the colour would suit, but they have turned out surprisingly well!!

Wet rubbing of the bonnet, along with a nice shot showing how the paint appears different colours in different lighting conditions...

During the rubbing back, Booger Mobile started bleeding (all over Damian's shed floor!)

Once the rubbing back was completed, Scottie got to work using his special cutting compounds and his flash new buff...

And after the cut and polish, the boot looked something like this!

While Scottie continued buffing, Damian was rubbing back chrome door handles with steel wool! (In case you can't tell, the one on the right has been done.)

Nice shot of the bonnet part way through the cut and polish procedure!

Damian got the four door handles finished, then realised that there were still four window winders to be done! D'oh!! Here's the finished product!

And attached to the door... (Sadly the arm rests appear to be off another vehicle - Damian might need to get some vinyl paint and sort that mismatch out!!

Scottie's buff decided to join the action and turn itself green for the occasion!

Once the bonnet was finished, it was so shiny that Damian could take his wife's photo using the reflection!

Time to push the car out of the shed again ready for washing (and boy will the boys be glad when there's an engine in the car!!)

The water beads nicely on the freshly waxed paint!

Gratuitous artistic shot of beading water on the roof...

And this one is for blog follower Kaye who requested a shot with the boot open!

Here it is, all polished and waxed, ready for it's next big outing!!

And from the side...

As you can all see, Scottie has done a fabulous job cutting and polishing, then waxing Booger Mobile. Damian did his best with the door trim, chrome bits and various other bits and pieces.

Remember - come and see Booger Mobile at the Gold Coast All Ford Day... Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

  1. Well once again Scottie and Damian out done them selves with the B/M buff bibs and bobs.Congrats guys on a job well done.
    The booger is looking outstanding with that shine(everyone will have to wear sunnys when they look at it)The interior is looking fab and all the colours really go well together so that is another plus.
    Just a shame about the drivers side arm rest but im quite sure that
    damian will come up with a way to fix that
    Well the booger is well named with the green booger snot running all over Damian shed floor ( ha ha )
    The internal chrome door handles and window winders have come up a real treat(hard work but worth the effort )The older car were built solid and are very heavy even without an engine ect.
    You can always tell when a jobs well done when it shines and the water beads on it like that it looks fabulous
    well all up the finish is outstanding and im sure that it will draw a lot of attention at the Gold Coast all Ford day all thanks to Damian and Scottie hard work well done .
    Many thanks for the picture of the B/M with the boot open brought back a few memorys of way back when (he he)