Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sump-thing Diff-erent today...

Before getting into the story of today's progress on Booger Mobile, the boys would like to send a big shout-out to Malcolm from ACTUM Consulting, who posted a picture of his new shoes... These could possibly be the official shoes of Team Booger Mobile!!

Although he's copped a bit of flack over them from some quarters, here at Team Booger Mobile, the boys think that Malcolm's new shoes are fabulous, and that subliminally he wanted to be reminded of Booger Mobile every time he looks down!! Great work Malcolm!!

On with the story... Today's story is sump-thing a little diff-erent. Scottie did arrive nice and early and attempt to transform the sieve into sump-thing useful, but due to sump-thing being a complete pain in the sump-thing else, Scottie decided to move on with some other stuff and return to finish sump-thing next weekend!!

The custom made cross-member bracket for the BW35 gearbox needed some extra bits and pieces sorted out on it... Damian pointed out to Scottie that this could be considered just another (albeit very large) bracket!!

The bits and pieces were tacked on ready for Scottie to use a larger welder to put it all together properly...

Meanwhile, Damian was hooking up gauges - the goal today was to get all gauges installed and hooked up completely - no extra wires running around the place

The first task was to locate where to attach the power wire for the accessories fuse box (from last week). Damian was going to run it directly to the battery, but decided that for accessories, it would be better to only work when the ignition was on (or on Accessories, funnily enough

After locating the accessories power outlet on the rear of the ignition switch and wiring it in, the next job was to mount the tacho on the dash.

After taking the photo, Damian realised that the tacho was reading like the engine was wound off the clock, so a bit of creative adjustment was performed, and the world was back to normal

Scottie took his mind off sump-thing that was annoying him by cleaning and painting one of the disc brake assemblies.

After that, Scottie remembered that the diff centre needed to be changed to get the ratio down from 4.1 (ute ratio) to 3.5 (sedan ratio

Note the size difference between the ute diff drum brakes (on the right) and the sedan drum brakes!!

Just to digress for a moment, Scottie and Damian made a fabulous discovery while performing open diff surgery... The brake shoes and drums, and the wheel bearings, were all basically as new!! Finally, something has gone right!!!!!!!

Check out the size difference between the sedan brake shoes and the ute brake shoes

Booger Mobile should have much better stopping power with these big boys on!!

And for those who haven't seen before - this is what's inside a diff!!

While Scottie was making heads or tails of the diffs, Damian was reading the wiring diagram...

and cursing because the wire colours don't match!!

Scottie inspected the diff, just for sump-thing diff-erent...

And used a hammer to remove the pinion... the ute diff had obviously been worked on much more recently - it came apart much easier, and was in much better condition!!

The gauges are all finished, and they even light up when the headlights are switched on!!

After performing open diff surgery, the ute diff (now with the sedan diff crown and pinion to make the gear ratio much nicer) was put back together...

And just to prove that Scottie's not all torque, he used this tool to increase the tension!!

At the end of the day, the gauges were installed and wired up, with lights etc. Damian worked out which connections go where on the BW35 gearbox to hook up both the reverse lights (XM's didn't come with reverse lights - that's a separate issue) and the neutral safety switch (which stops the engine from starting when the gearbox isn't in Park or Neutral).

Scottie did fabulous work as usual on brackets, sump-thing annoyed him, and he did a great job on sump-thing diff-erent - getting the crown and pinion swapped into the diff.

Another big day, where the visible progress doesn't appear to be as great as the actual progress!! Once the suspension etc arrives, there'll be some *real* progress!!


  1. WOW What a groovy pair of slime green shoes(booger slime that is)nice one Malcolm from ACTUM CONSULTING one of BOOGER MOBILES great sponsors. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Good on you Scottie.Think it is time to put the sump-thing joke to bed, with bigger better and more exciting tasks to attend too. Like the crossmember bracket for the BW 35 gearbox.
    Onward and forwards Scottie went doing an excellence job welding the cross member bracket together with his usual prefection.
    It was really great to hear that something was finally going Team Booger Mobiles way with the discovery that not only were the brake shoes and drums looking quite new, but also the wheel bearings as well. Hooray another thing to cheer about the diff is in a reasonable condition as well. This really is turning into the year of the BOOGER MOBILE.
    While Scottie was getting down and into the dirty work,Damian being one not to sit around on his lorals, had completed a fantastic piece of work with the gauges and don t they look excellence and all in working order to boot, well done Damian.
    Now thats what I call a great days work no doubt about it guys you both achieved a lot today and I for one can see that you did make a lot of headway with the progess on the BOOGER MOBILE.
    Fab pictures as always and showing Scottie hard a work.
    Well done once again Scottie and Damian thank you.
    Looking forward to the next exciting adventure of the Classic car called BOOGER MOBILE and her team of hard workers as the CAMP QUALITY 2010 esCarpade draws ever closer and what a great adventure will be.

  2. The X-member made a trip to the farm today,,,, it was in for a big supprise.

    I'm fully amped.... The X-member is now fully welded up, thanks to the big welder at work [Rosemount Turf] and my welding skills of corse.

    It's looking fully sic, but you'll have to wait for the pics in the next blog post.

  3. WOW nice one, things are just getting better and better for the BOOGER MOBILE in 2010 it surely is the year of B/M
    Nothing could beat your great welding skills Scottie. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the now beautifully finished X-member
    I m sure Damian will be chanting at the bit to take some so he can proudly show off your skillful work.
    Have a great Australia day tomorrow TEAM BOOGER MOBILE.

  4. Meanwhile, Damian has been productive, buying more stuff off ebay than you can poke a stick at, as well as sorting out several other bits and pieces (and he duly noted that none of these places seem to be in Brisbane - they are all an STD call away!!)