Monday, 4 January 2010

Surprise visit from Scottie

Monday morning rolled around, and Damian settled in to get some paperwork sorted out in preparation for the new calendar year for his business...

Suddenly, the internet (and phones) stopped working - the Telstra man had come to investigate the source of the crackling phone line and flakey internet connection every time it rains!!

While Damian was out the front chatting to the Telstra dude, who should show up, but Scottie!! He'd missed Booger Mobile so much, he stopped by for a surprise visit, toting his flash new socket set!!

Damian suggested that he was going to use some of the sockets and throw them on the ground, just like Scottie does to his tools... Scottie wasn't amused by this, and was under strict instructions not to leave the new toolkit in Damian's shed... Spoil sports!!

Scottie took the time to check out Damian's handiwork in putting the front end back together, and was suitably impressed... then he settle in to making.... another bracket!!

Scottie also fashioned a clip-like device to hold the accelerator cable onto the arm (to replace the one that he'd previously lost)!!

With those tasks out of the way, it was time to fashion... you guessed it... ANOTHER bracket...

Starting to take shape (after Damian's excellent suggestion of beating it with a hammer to get the desired bend in it)...

Same bracket, now with holes!!

And fast forwarding several hours, here's the bracket attached to the acclerator pedal arm - the purpose of the bracket is to pull on the kick-down cable for the automatic transmission...

That Scottie is a clever man!!

(And in case you are wondering, yes he did take his flash new socket set home with him!!)

1 comment:

  1. WOO HOO Scotties back bugger the telstra dude let him get on with his job of finding out why you keep losing your internet ect when it rains.Hope he found the reason why it was happening and fixed it up for you.Nothing worst than being in the middle of something and you lose your internet.
    A big welcome back Scottie from Damian ,Booger mobile and all of us followers you were missed,but Damian still got stuck into finishing off a fair bit of work that needed to be done on the Booger Mobile.As you could tell he had done a fantastic job.
    Very nice socket set there I would have been a bit weary about leaving it behind also.Even though I am quite sure that Damian has the upmost respect for other people propety.
    The making of brackets seem to be an never ending task for Team Booger Mobile,but what an excellence piece of workmanship you both have managed to do when you put your minds to it.
    Wonderful pictures as usual thank you Damian